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Jesus No Republican

Liberals need to stand up and quit ceding the religious high ground to conservatives.
I for one am pissed off that conservatives are claiming christanity for themselves. I think the following article makes a good point of why Jesus wouldn't be a Republican.

Jesus No Republican

Religious activist David Barton is traveling the political "swing states" lecturing ministers on the role churches should play in the election. Barton's lectures are notable for three reasons.

  1. The Republican National Committee is financing the tour.
  2. Barton is the deputy chair of the Texas Republican Party.
  3. Lectures are off limits to the press, raising questions that Barton is advising churches to take actions that would violate their tax-exempt status.

At the same time, the Bush campaign is strong arming churches into handing over their membership directories to the President's re-election team, apparently in the erroneous assumption that all Christians are Republicans.

If the moneychangers in the synagogues upset Jesus, he must be absolutely livid over this brood of vipers trying to turn his houses of worship into political action committees.

Conservatives have been claiming Jesus as one of their own for nearly three decades now. David Barton calls Christians a logical constituency for the republicans. Liberals need to stand up and quit ceding the religious high ground to conservatives. Last I looked Jesus didn't require Christians to be registered Republicans. In fact, if either party has a claim to Jesus' political affiliation it would be the Democrats. The teachings of Christ and his work on earth bear little resemblance to what the Republican Party represents today.

The unfettered accumulation of wealth is the rock upon which the Republican Party is built. Amassing great quantities of wealth was certainly not a priority with Jesus. In the bible, Jesus advises a rich man that to receive the treasure of heaven he must "sell all you possess and give to the poor". Blasphemy to today's conservatives. Looking at President Bush's tax cuts, you might think he interpreted that passage as "take all the poor possess".

When Jesus talks about how hard it will be for the wealthy to enter the kingdom of God what are they thinking, " the heck with the kid, we'll reason with his old man?"

Would Jesus, the Prince of Peace, been in favor of the war in Iraq? I think if he were here today, he would have been with the millions around the world who marched for peace and against a needless war. Rush Limbaugh,

Sean Hannity, Bill O' Reilly and the rest of the conservative jabber boxes would have branded him a UN-American-communist hippie -peacenik. Come judgment day I'm looking forward to hearing the spin they and the rest of the chicken hawks put on their war mongering. Myself, I'd rather be on the side of the one who said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God"

According to conservatives, the United States is in mortal danger of collapse if prayer isn't allowed in school. What they really mean is Christian prayer. Christian fundamentalists are not going to tolerate readings of the Koran or Torah over the school PA.

But I digress; the school prayer issue is another case where instead of waving the bible they should take the time to actually read what Jesus had to say on the subject. Oops! Turns out he recognized this public pontificating for what its is. "And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men". Sounds like he is talking about President Bush and half the Republican Party.

So, where does Jesus say we should pray? "But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your father." And another plank of GOP platform hits the floor.

Jesus was a champion of the sick and the poor. Hardly a mantle Republicans can lay claim to. After he gave his disciples the power of healing he sent them out to heal the sick and admonished them to take neither gold nor silver for their work.

What? Free medical care. Wow, not even Hillary dared go that far! Imagine what the Republican attack machine and its HMO puppet masters would do to him in this day and age for advocating socialized medicine.

It is election time so it must mean another round of laws to protect marriage from those dastardly homosexuals. While conservatives are relentless in their zeal to attack gays they waffle at actually enforcing all that Jesus had to say about marriage.

Adultery seems a bigger threat to marriage than gay couples but you don't hear much from lawmakers on the subject. Probably hits a little too close to home. Divorcing a woman or marrying a divorced woman is considered adultery in the bible. Will we see President Bush calling divorced women immoral and a threat to society? Maybe, but not before November 2nd.

Jesus saved his sharpest rebukes for hypocrites. He rails against them through out the New Testament. And that is why I am certain Jesus is no Republican

Jesus No Republican

blessed are the cheesemakers 07.Aug.2004 15:21

some of us ARE commie hippie peaceniks

Surely you mean "liberal Christians need to stand up and quit ceding the religious high ground to conservative Christians." Or are the rest of us supposed to cede the whole idea of a secular society to theocrats?

title of comment 07.Aug.2004 15:54

author of comment

Fun to see both parties using jesus for political gain.
Jesus was no republican.
he was a nazi.

Do you really think that jesus would be anti-war? jesus was just god's public relations person, to put a good face on his bitch of a father.
Want to know about jesus' daddy? read the old testament. Jesus loves his father, the father that killed a lot of people(so sayeth the holy book). Jesus condones god. he was sent by god. In the "end of times", god will send all of those who dont follow his word, to a place of extreme torture. The "gnashing of teeth" torture (so sayeth the bible).

Jesus is okay with this.
Not very peaceful to be spokesperson for a god that makes hitler look like an angel.

And there is good reason why most of the left isnt christian. Most of the people who dont like injustice will caryy it on to other realms besides politics, and christianity holds a lot death, suffering, and cupcakes for sunday school students.

Jesus H. Christ 07.Aug.2004 20:57

was made up

by a bunch of business men to add some FEAR and THREATS to handle the masses. Nothing more than scaring people to work on their fears, sounds like now.

Just do some FBI profiling of the books of the bible, these guys sre nuts.

Jesus Says: Drop Yer Drawers 07.Aug.2004 21:10

get it on

Thu, August 5, 2004

Learn great sex from God

Pastors teach it from the Bible


DEVON, Alta. -- It's all about unbuckling the Bible belt. And showing that God cares about your sex life. A pastor and his wife have taken their sermons out of the church and into the bedroom, so to speak, to help couples "understand and meet each other's sexual needs."


"This is an area the Bible talks about and we must address it," said Simon Clarence, 42. "We talk about everything from anal sex to oral sex to masturbation."

Clarence, an evangelical pastor in the town of Devon, Alta., for the last 17 years, decided to branch out into a Bible-based form of sex education about six years ago.

His wife, Ruth, 45, who has since written two books and held seminars across Canada on the subject, wasn't exactly keen on the idea..

"She said to me, 'They already know everything about us; do you want us to open up our bedroom to them?' And I said we could tastefully tell them what we've done through the years."

Together, the couple created Two-gether Ministries, with the aim of "enhancing and enriching" the sexual aspect of Christian marriages.

Over the next few months they will hold couples seminars and ladies-only seminars in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and B.C.

He said specific sex techniques are not discussed but no sexual topic is taboo.

"When we started the ladies' seminars ... men were e-mailing us by the hundreds and saying, 'They, our wives, have come home changed -- we climb into bed with a different woman.'"

Apparently, that includes clear advice on modern-day dilemmas about sex toys, wife-swapping and masturbation. "If you have full access to your wife and you enjoy a healthy sexual relationship there should be no need for masturbation," said Clarence.

"But what if you are called up to the Armed Forces and you are away from your wife for six months? We don't use the word masturbation. We call it self-pleasuring for the purpose of keeping your focus on your spouse when they can't meet your needs."

One very simple question 07.Aug.2004 22:58

Red Suspenders

Ask all your Christian friends- Who would Jesus vote for?

Jesus Was A COMMUNIST! 08.Aug.2004 12:30


It's all in the Bible. For those who actually read it...

@ has a point 08.Aug.2004 19:31


at how Christ handled supply and demand issues. He knocked the bottom out of the wine, fish product and bread market. He increased prodution and quality while providing goods for free.

not first hand news 09.Aug.2004 12:37


The bible was written by men, for men. It's not a first hand account of god's word, but an account of god's word by men with motives that seem not neccessarily altruistic and possibly suspect. If you subscribe to the idea or reality of a power greater than yourself or the knotheads and bullies in this world, you probably don't need the bible to connect with it. You can do that yourself. However, judicious,independent editing leaves some decent fundamental concepts in the bible that can be immensely beneficial to many free thinking individuals.

i know... 11.Aug.2004 16:52


n one will end up reading this because it is buried so far back. But i suppose i can try. to "author of comment"- first off, please try to be a bit more sensitive when insulting something that people hold very very closely to them. Think of it this way- have you ever been part of a political group that was really cool but then got taken over by people who completely destroyed the original intent (think pprc)? Then you hear people talking shit about it? how does that feel. I unserstand why you villify christ- who he has been made to be is the antithesis of what he actually was. i mean like completely. I get sick of the stupid simpering egotistical hypocritical jesus that we've all been duped at one point or another by.
i recommend reading the gnostic gospels to gain some perspective on jesus and early church history. who ever has ears to hear ought to hear.
and to "made up"- do you not realize thats the point?