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International Prisoners' Justice Day is Aug 10; make your voice heard for Tre Arrow

Prisoners' Justice Day was started by prisoners in Canada as a day of recognition for the many people who have died unnatural deaths inside prison; from suicide, murder and medical neglect. Every August 10th, prisoners across Canada refuse to eat, refuse to
work and hold memorial services. Outside of prison, supporters organize community events to raise public awareness of the ongoing issues that contribute to prisoner deaths.
Tre Arrow is now receiving raw food on doctor's orders as he recovers in prison hospital.

Tre has lost a critical amount of weight since his incarceration. Last report he was 91 pounds at 5'9" and had his leg shackled to his bed in a solitary confinement cell.

The B.C. prison's refusal to accomodate his dietary needs as a raw foods vegan has been described by his lawyer as being akin to refusing a special diet for religious reasons. For spiritual and environmental reasons, Tre does not eat any animal product/byproducts or cooked, pasturized or processed foods.

At this critical point in time, we find ourselves approaching Aug 10, International Prisoners' Justice Day. This is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with all prisoners who have suffered and are suffering now in a system that dehumanizes and abuses the very people in their supposed care and custody.

This is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with Tre and his current critical medical situation and the abuse he has been suffering at the hands of a system that has been unethical, uncaring, neglectful, disrespectful, and dehumanizing.

MAY THE GATES OF COMPASSION OPEN, and may Tre be given a consistent diet of Raw Vegan foods at every meal.

Gather in front of a Corrections facility/office/prison; write an article or press release; write a song ; organize a community event.
There are many ways. Make your voice heard on this day.