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PETCO protest on August 28th

Animal abuse is the result of corporate dominance. At least that's the case with PETCO. As the demand for animals and animal products has increased, the quality of life for animals at PETCO has decreased. These animals don't recieve even the minimal of what is required by law. Petco simply does not have enough staff, and what little staff they have are poorly trained. PETCO has been profiting off of animal cruelty for too long.
Endless counts of animal abuse have been reported by PETCO employees, former employees, and customers. Dead and dying animals in cages with live animals, live creatures being fed to omnivorous animals, filthy or nonexistant water and food, dying animals being sold to customers--the list is never-ending. Tell PETCO that you will not be made a fool of, and you will not stand for animal cruelty. Come to our PETCO demonstration in Portland, Oregon:

PETCO location: 2000 N.E. Burnside St. Gresham, OR 97030
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
1:00 pm (stay as long as you'd like!)

For more information visit petcocruelty.com or email Emily Terhune at  snappyperca@comcast.net

All Mammals are equal no mammals are more equal 06.Aug.2004 18:31


I have seen how shamefully PETCO puts profits over pets. They suck (in a bad way) you know if PETCO gave a blow job it would be with chapped lips.

PSA if anyone has contact with Michele Joy drop line here, I'll take all risks.

X-MA-Fare-Share Bill Hart come home.

Born Free, free as the wind wind blows, free as tge thgehjgrass grows, free to follow your heart. Aytone for a cage openning?????

Correction 07.Aug.2004 16:14

Emily Terhune

I meant herbivores, not omnivores. Animals were being fed to herbivores.

RE: Correction 09.Aug.2004 18:55


You wouldn't have to worry about confusing such simple words if you didn't TRY so hard to SOUND smart. Just speak in layman's terms until you have a better understanding of the more difficult words. You will save face by just sounding normal! (Just a word of advice to all you smart protestors-of-anything-and-everything.)

please 09.Aug.2004 20:17


anonymous... you are an ass hole.

don't be a dick 09.Aug.2004 20:31


twas a simple typo, and the author corrected it. don't be an asshole.

uh-oh... 09.Aug.2004 20:55


looks like somebody has a case of mondays!

people for the ethical treatment of animals 09.Aug.2004 22:06


are you involved with PETA by any chance? i've seen peta's recent magazine and a big section was anti-petco. their website also has articles and pictures of petco protests around the country. if you're not involved with them, you should check it out- you would be interested in a lot of their stuff.

RE 09.Aug.2004 22:12


sounds neat, i've learned about Petco's policies through PETA and heard of other small demonstrations being held in the US. the thing is, it's hard to distinguish Petco's policies from other pet stores, though it is always fun and worthwhile to attack large coorporations.

cool idea, but out there 09.Aug.2004 22:15


hey, sounds like a good idea, but i gotta ask, why the gresham location? i'm not sure of Petco's locations around the city, but you might get a larger turn out somewhere closer to the downtown portland area. there probably is a lot of interest in this, but some people might not want to make the long trip. just a suggestion.

re: why so far/TRI MET DIRECTIONS 10.Aug.2004 08:06


Had you gone to Petco's website and used their store locator, you would have seen that the only Petco that's possibly any closer to Downtown than the one in Gresham is the one on 144th and Division. The one on Burnside, however, is closer to the MAX station.
TriMet commuters: Take the MAX east toward Gresham, make sure you are on a blue line and not a red or yellow. Ride it all the way out to Gresham Central TC. Get off, you should be right at 8th and Kelly. Walk east on 8th. If you run into Elliot Ave, you know you are going the right way. If you run into NE Hood, and 8th suddenly turns into 10th, you need to turn around. Anyhoo, keep going on 8th until you hit Burnside, which intersects 8th diagonally. Turn right and walk down Burnside, past NE 242nd. If I remember correctly, PetCo is going to be on your right, but I could be wrong about that. Just keep your eyes peeld once you get past NE 242nd. See you there!

... 12.Aug.2004 12:43


Yeah I'm involved with PETA. I don't work with them, I'm just part of their street team and I donate money to them. About the petco location- there are only two petcos around that I know of. Both are on pretty busy streets. I just chose one. I'm glad it's closer to the max, though.