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Greens on ballot despite Democratic Party Opposition

Democrats challenged Greens in Champaign County, IL to keep the off the ballot. They lost and here is the scoop.
Greens across the country today celebrated the July 27 decision of an Illinois Electoral Board which upheld the right of four Green candidates to remain on the ballot in Champaign County. The candidates' right to ballot access had been challenged by local members of the Democratic Party."

I want to congratulate the Champaign County Greens for standing up for their rights to participate in the democratic process and for succeeding. Greens are getting elected all across the country, against all odds, in a system which not only tries to prevent our participation, but which challenges our existence," said Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb. Cobb went on to say that restrictive ballot access laws were created by Republicans and Democrats to prevent other parties and candidate from getting on the ballot.

Prior to securing the Green Party's presidential nomination in June, Cobb made a whirlwind visit to downstate Illinois to motivate and inspire local Greens.
Phil Huckelberry, a Green Party candidate for Illinois State Representative District 88, said, "Let us make no bones about it: the Democrats went after the Greens in Champaign County to get our candidates thrown off the ballot, and we beat them, and David Cobb was largely responsible for making this happen. I have not been prouder than I am today that David Cobb is our presidential nominee."

As a result of the Electoral Board decision, Green candidates Zach Miller, Dave Sacks, Ken Urban and Susan Rodgers will remain on the ballot for the Champaign County Board.

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