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Friday the 13th the terror returns! a13 Bush Protest

The president's campaign media contact, Tucker Bounds, has confirmed with KATU that President Bush will be in town on the same day for a Business Summit" (Friday 8/13).
What must happen
What must happen
ok let's get to work planning for a13. Put out the call to all your mailing lists this will be big! We have one week!

"Mannix said...first lady Laura Bush was scheduled to appear at a private fund-raising event in the Portland area next Friday night."

 link to oregonlive.com

So, we have possibly two events to protest in town that day the first is the Business Summit, then Bush might hit the GOP fund-raising event...

kgw: President Bush to visit Portland: President Bush will visit Portland for a Business Summit next Friday, his campaign says. That will put Bush and John Kerry in Portland on the same day.

Katu: The president's campaign media contact, Tucker Bounds, has confirmed with KATU that President Bush will be in town on the same day for a Business Summit" (Friday 8/13).


If 06.Aug.2004 14:07


the world was going to nuke Portland - That'l be the day!

i went to high school with Tucker Bounds 06.Aug.2004 15:02


We went to school together in Hermiston. He's a goof.

it's about the benjamins 06.Aug.2004 16:21

bright eyes

I forget the exact website, but there's a place out there where you can look for campaign contributions by zip code and by party. I looked up close-in portland and was pretty stunned to see that republican donations outweighed democratic donations by 4 to 1. Pretty incredible actually.

KERRY here too! 06.Aug.2004 17:19


JFK will be in town also on the 13th
no word yet as to whether him and Bush will be working together, or spreading out to get votes for the business party

A Mouthpiece by any other name . . . 06.Aug.2004 18:27

Lingua Frankfurter

What manner of creature is this "Tucker Bounds"? Sounds like he came out of a Chuck Palahniuk novel, models for Abercrombie & Fitch, or maybe is "Benji's" clandestine love interest.

Sounds like a Sure path to business success. 06.Aug.2004 19:28


A "Business Summit" with the Greatest Failure in the Free World

Sounds like a good idea to me!

social studies 06.Aug.2004 22:46


I have been observing car bumpers around town. I notice more anti-bush stickers than pro-other guy stickers. I'm voting for the other guy, but my bumper says "impeach bush." I think it would send a great message to both of them if everybody who hates bush showed up to protest him and everybody who likes kerry shows up to support him. As usual, I will give the staff time off, and we will reuse our classic signs.
It will be interesting to see how local "law enforcement" resources are allocated. One suspects they may be stretched kind of thin.
Oh, BTW, I'd really appreciate it if all the republicans, knowing or otherwise who respond to my posts as springboards to argue for nader, please stop. My mind is made up, and my nose is held firmly. When the day comes, I suspect half of you will be voting for bush anyway. I am less offended by garbage that's rotted 2 days to garbage that's rotted for a week.

where's Shrub gonna be? 06.Aug.2004 23:15

ready to rumble

where is Shrub going to appear in Portland for this so-called business summit? kgw site says 12:15 pm but gives no location

that rope used 07.Aug.2004 07:37


topple the Bush faux cod piece statue is topper bounds twine!

According to Port of Portland police 07.Aug.2004 11:59

all big shots will be at the airport

Embassy Suites Hotel because they can do security better there.

Boycott Embassy Suites 07.Aug.2004 16:06

at the very least....

Gosh, Embassy Suites Hotel has been used how many times now for these schmucks? Seems like a target for boycotts, at least.

They've clearly chosen to support these "business summits" (fascism = merger of corporate and government interests) and they ought to know that it will cost them.

So what's the Deal? 07.Aug.2004 21:52


When, where, do we need permits? Is anybody in charge? Where can I get more info? Etc.... Sorry if I'm being too being obnoxious and impatient but I think it's high time for another large protest, a very large one.

"Out of Service" 07.Aug.2004 22:28

Ralph Cramden

Without the Embarassing Sheetsİ hotel, they would be left with no choice but to rent big bus RVs with the windows blacked out, and drive up and down I-5, dodging into and out of the far back corners of Wal*Marts, to drop off and pick up donors.

Please see new post possible location and time 07.Aug.2004 23:05

me and you (if not us who?)

Bush has come to shove? 07.Aug.2004 23:19

Trin + Melee trin@subvertical.org

Thus far it seems no one is coming out "in charge" of any sort of protest, which should be fine with any of us, we'd think. All we need to do really is come up with an address where we can meet and discuss this event, whether it's a protest or some kind of direct action. Perhaps we can start out with a virtual address and then go from there onto a real place, somewhere in the city? Everyone here should feel free to email us at  trin@subvertical.org so we can talk more about this. If this one slips past us just think how ashamed we'll all be of ourselves, lol. Looking forward to hearing more about all this from ppl who care enough to send Bush the very best of our love and rage, hehe. Call us and we can talk about it but ONLY after nine pm please because of our cell phone minutes and whatnot, anyways the number is 971-404-9449 it's not a long distance call.



Iranian-American Democrat

When Bush comes to town this Friday, he will no doubt meet his #1 war whore in Oregon, will be Goli Ameri, the Republican candidate for Congress in Oregon's 1st District.

Of course the real War Whore in the Bush Administration is Condoleezza Rice. And Ameri has told the local Willamette Week that her role-model is Condie Rice.

Ameri is from a Royalist Iranian family and now a Republican in exile -- a logical progression. But she is no "refugee" from the Iranian revolution -- despite her campaign's and the local media's haphazard and inconsistent reporting about when and how she made it to America.

Not all Iranian-born emigres came because of the revolution; many like Ameri came to the US years before the 1978-79 revolution for studies. This matter has only recently has been corrected by Ameri on the GOP's own website(s) and only because of its exposure on the EYERANIAN.NET blog.

Her GOP bosses in Washington have highlighted Ameri as a key challenger; indeed she has raised over $1 million in cash, BUT THE VAST MAJORITY FROM OUT-OF-STATE IRANIAN-AMERICANS. Additionally Cheney helped her out last month with a $1000-a-person fundraiser nearby Portland Airport.

She is getting her support from a minority within the Iranian-American community who would not mind Bush sending troops into Iran, since after 25 years in exile these Royalists have lost hope of restoring themselves back to power.

More importantly there is a serious discussion in the Iranian-American community about the possibility/probability of a pre-emptive strike on Iran by a re-elected Bush Administration -- maybe even with Ameri as the first Iranian-born member of Congress acting as Bush's War-with-Iran Whore.

Ameri is exactly the kind of elitist and disconnected "ethnic" candidate that the GOP is trying to push to the forefront.

Thoughtful Portlanders and Oregonians should get behind Congressman David Wu to make sure that he gets re-elected in November.

Pro-War GOLI AMERI at "Ask President Bush" Event, Southridge HS, Beaverton 11.Aug.2004 23:41

Get Out

GOP congressional candidate Goli Ameri will be sure to grab a campaign photo-op and be seen fawning over her president at the "Ask President Bush" event at Southridge HS in Beaverton on the 13th.

> 12:45 PM
> Southridge High School
> Main Gym
> 9625 South West 125th Avenue
> Beaverton, Oregon

Come out and show your OPPOSITION to Bush and his #1 pro-war whore in Oregon.

Me Too 15.Aug.2006 11:10


I went to High School with Tucker too. Trying to find him now. Any suggestions?