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those communists

a friend once pointed out to me something a high school teacher said in class one day .this was way before the current police paranoia state.the history teacher pointed out that ''in communist countries you can be stopped at any time and asked for your papers'' . need i point out the irony of the state of affairs here now??
What irony 06.Aug.2004 13:26


You can point out the "irony of the current state of affairs here now," but it doesn't make it so. The "current police paranoia state," as you call it, is a ideologically induced figment of your imagination, and is instructive as to where the paranoia is comming from.

JE 06.Aug.2004 13:53


Another form of mental illness is denial. Sound familiar? It is easy to say it isn't happening, during the fifties and sixties the line was 'It can happen here', which is the first step in a free country to lose one's freedom.

not ideologically induced 06.Aug.2004 13:54


hey JE, if a cop asks you to identify yourself, do you have to? if a cop asks you to produce ID, must you?

yes or no?