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Report: J30 Cheney protest in Yakima

First, many thanks to Yakima organizers for getting the word out and bringing so many people out to protest Cheney's visit. According to couple of independent accounts, there were over 150 people there (media reports varied from "two dozen" to "over 75"). Cops managed to break us into several smaller groups as they were "sterilizing" the area around the school. I was under impression that Yakima cops didn't themselves know when and where the VP was coming in. That resulted in a lot of confusion and some blatant abuses of our constitutional rights to assemble and voice our opinions. We were pushed around from one city block to another only to be ordered to go back where we came from. Of course, they were probably flexing their muscle as well. This was the biggest day in the life of your average Yakima cop - he was responsible for the safety and security of our entire nation (mad logic).
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