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Amnesty for W?

Could George Find Happiness and Stay out of Trouble in Portland?

Based on reports of multiple Bicycle One crashes in the course of Hard Presidential Recreation on his personal ranch, I've got to wonder: Would Bush actually be happier here in Portland?

If Bush would just Quit. Now. we could offer some sort of limited amnesty as part of a plea bargain where he turned in the real operators behind this Worst, Most Crooked Administration Ever. Can't you just see W. flying down the hill as part of a Zoo Bomb? Or getting drunk at a McMinnamens or Lucky Lab? Then he can go hang out with the Foursquare crowd in Beaverton on Sundays... we've got churchies to match the best of them here! Hey... You don't need to show up for a Flight Physical to participate in a Critical Mass or nakey midnight bike ride!!!

Replace that Evil Smirk with a grin that only completely agro bicycling can give. Amnesty for W, and let him live out his life in the carefree fun that he was so obviously born for.


BUSH: HEAD TO CHILE! 04.Aug.2004 22:18


Bush should flee to Chile or somewhere he would be happy. Or better yet--Easter Island. Lots of other big deaf stone heads there and a destroyed society--just what he wants.

Bush's Freudian Slip Gives Game Away. 06.Aug.2004 01:05

evil knievel

Bush's Freudian Slip Gives Game Away.

Signing into law a $417bn defence spending bill yesterday:

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we," he said. "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

from The Independent
06 August 2004