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ASPCA Joins International Animal Welfare Community in Condemning Mass Killing of Stray Dog

The ASPCA is joining the international animal welfare community in condemning the deliberate and inhumane killing of thousands of homeless dogs in the city of Athens.
(New York, NY) - August 2, 2004 - The ASPCA is joining the international animal welfare community in condemning the deliberate and inhumane killing of thousands of homeless dogs in the city of Athens. It is believed that up to 80% of the estimated 30,000 to 50,000 stray dogs living in the streets of Athens have been poisoned in the past few weeks in an effort to eliminate the population prior to the beginning of the 2004 Olympic Games on August 13. It is reported that dogs are being fed food laced with rat poison, causing a slow and excruciating death over a period of several days. Videotape shot by the organization Welfare for Animals Global recently captured some of the more gruesome and disturbing methods being utilized on the city streets of Athens to kill dogs.

"The inhumane and archaic methods of population control reportedly being implemented in the city of Athens are simply not acceptable in the year 2004," said ASPCA President Edwin J. Sayres. "The ASPCA stands with the international humane community in expressing our disappointment with the Greek government for their lack of compassion and desire to eradicate thousands stray dogs from their city in advance of the Olympic Games."

The international Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) recently sent a representative to Athens and is helping to train Greek officials to deal with the epidemic stray problem humanely. For more information on how you can help the strays in Greece, please visit www.rspca.org.
Sick 04.Aug.2004 15:08


"Slow and excruciating death". How sick of the founding fathers of the Olympics and democracy! Boycott the 2004 Olympics!

Back-Assward Animal Management 04.Aug.2004 15:22


Sounds like Greece is now frantically trying to clean up a problem they should have addressed long ago. If there are that many unwanted strays wandering the streets of Athens, there is apparently no effective spay and neuter program in effect, let alone any sort of attempt at placement.

Does anyone know of Greek culture even values companion animals?

homo homini lupus 04.Aug.2004 22:28

Animus Publications

When we stop treating pets better than we treat people, I might listen to what you have to say.

When we decide that we've had enough of what Einstein correctly referred to as"the predatory phase of human development" [Why Socialism?, 1949], I might listen to what you have to say about puppies and kittens.

When man is no longer wolf to man, I'll listen to your anguish about wolves.

Einstein, didn't he say... 04.Aug.2004 22:53


"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals."

"If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind."

Maybe you should spend some time reading Einstein and trying to understand what he had to say.

No he didn't say--- learn to use google. 04.Aug.2004 23:57

Animus Publications

"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of
abstinence is from injury to animals"
-- Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910).

Tolstoy was writer of fiction who wore leather shoes made from non-human animal skins.

And the quote stinks.

Murder 05.Aug.2004 00:21


Just remember Einstein, most murderers start out by abusing and killing animals as youngsters. And remember, as much as so many people dont want to admit, humans are animals too. Arrogant basretards.

Wow, Animus, what are you doing for 05.Aug.2004 01:04

I wonder

humankind that makes this kind of treatment of other sentient beings o.k.? You seem like a rather hostile person (and certainly not one who is attempting to understand the causes of other activists, even if they're not your cause)--so I doubt you're bringing much harmony and understanding to the world.

When a Puppy is more valuable than an Iraqi 05.Aug.2004 12:24

Animus Publications

>> Wow, Animus, what are you doing for

What does "what are you doing for?" mean?

- and can you describe a test for this thing you call "sentience" in non-human animals--particularly puppies and kittens.

sure 05.Aug.2004 16:54

human, being

Look into their eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

what's the test for sentience in a human 05.Aug.2004 18:16

u r an idiot, AP

infant? Until you come up with it, I guess I'll just believe they don't have it. After all, they can't tell me they have it any better than a dog can (oh wait, they can--a dog is actually better at telling one its needs than a human infant is).

a system that re_presents its "self" 05.Aug.2004 23:57

Animus Publications

>>> "ur an idiot, AP"

- argumentum ad hominem - a logical fallacy.

>>> infant? Until you come up with it [a test for sentience], I guess I'll just believe they don't have it

You shouldn't believe anything. As soon as you do, you stop thinking about it.
(See www.nobeliefs.com (the trouble with beliefs))

As for "sentience"--which you appear to have defined as 'something that communicates it's needs--I believe my computer must have it, for it just informed me of its hunger for a disc-defragment and a security-update!

The eyes are photon detectors, btw. Not windows (eye-of-the-wind) to the alleged "soul".

(see faith killers:

Confab [AP]

hmmm 06.Aug.2004 00:52


"You shouldn't believe anything. As soon as you do, you stop thinking about it."

So, does that mean you don't believe that HIV causes AIDS, or that you don't practice what you preach?

explanatory values and the mapping of fiction or truth 06.Aug.2004 04:48

Animus Publications

>>> you don't believe that HIV causes AIDS, or that you don't practice what you preach

What it means is that I adopt precision terminology that helps you understand how I came to rate the value of an explanation for a particular phenomena. I do not "believe" the sun will rise tommorrow - I *predict* that it will rise based on my knowledge of cosmology and my re-cognition of a recurring pattern.

The explanatory value of the deity hypothesis, due to ABSENCE OF ANY tangible EVIDENCE in the real world, should be rated as ZERO.

The HIV causes AIDS hypothesis, on the other hand, is supported by two decades of covergent real-world data concerning real-world people, real-world DNA sequences coding for real-world proteins, real-world electron micrograph images of the virus, and real world drugs designed to subvert real-world reproduction of the virus (HIV 1 & 2). Therefore, the explanatory value of the hypothesis is higher than ANY OTHER AVAILABLE EXPLANATION.

Explanations are just maps.
The real world is the territory.

Did you like the cyberborg-rat experiment I posted, btw?

You must be really hard at work on aid to the 06.Aug.2004 15:05

I see through you, AP

Iraqis, then AP, since you bring that up as your priority and you're ordering everyone else how to direct their activism. Somehow I doubt it. Regardless, it's not your call to make how people use their efforts to end suffering, even suffering that you don't value. Interesting that you can't find anything better to do with your time than bash animal activists trying to get the word out about suffering animals. If you care so much about human suffering than you can certainly choose to direct your efforts there. But in my experience most people who bash activism for suffering animals in the way that you do are doing zero for people--they're just not compassionate people. Why should you be putting all this time into a post alerting people about poisoning dogs in Greece? It seems your purpose is to disrupt, not do any real good in the world.

wow!!!!! 07.Aug.2004 00:48


AP, you are completely contradicting yourself, because earlier you said that it was morally reprehensible to question the mainstream idea of AIDS because it might lead to people dying, and now you are saying that people should not believe anything and never stop thinking. You can't have your urinal cake and eat it too, you fucking barbarian.

Wow - another fraud lying about me!! why? 07.Aug.2004 02:41


quote - clamydia:
earlier you said that it was morally reprehensible TO QUESTION the mainstream idea of AIDS

Please provide the verbatim quote and url, dear.

Much of society doesn't like gay people, AP, and 07.Aug.2004 18:23


from your past inane posts I know that you are one. Because you're a lesser being in the eyes of many, does that mean that it would be o.k. to poison you? Because that's your argument for animals. There's no universal law of equality that includes humans that doesn't include animals. Have fun out there in the world. I will not fight for you. The animals need me more, because you at least can speak for yourself. Way to support other progressive causes, jackass.