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Automatically Comment: Cloak Timber Sale Comments Due Today

Comments on the Preliminary Assessment of the Cloak Timber Sale are due Today, August 4th. This is the most critical time for this sale. Today is your last chance to comment on Cloak, which logs in the Oak Grove and Upper Clackamas Watersheds of Mt. Hood National Forest. Automatically comment at:  http://www.citizenspeak.org/campaign/4055.php
Old Western Hemlock and Pacific Yew in Cloak Unit 466
Old Western Hemlock and Pacific Yew in Cloak Unit 466
The Cloak Project is the Clackamas Ranger District (Mt. Hood National Forest)'s "look -- we're not clear-cutting old growth this time" sale. Instead, this sale proposes to log nearly 300 acres of forest with late seral characteristics, 200 acres of riparian reserves (with only 30-50 foot buffers!), build 2 miles of new road, and "reconstruct" 3.4 miles of road. We need to give the Clackamas Ranger District some very clear feed-back about this sale!

Please contact Jim Roden and request that the Cloak Timber Sale: 1) Does not log any native forests. 2) Does not log in riparian areas 3) Does not build any new roads, including temporary roads. You can email your comments to:  comments-pacificnorthwest-mthood-clackamasriver@fs.fed.us

Many of the plantations targeted for thinning in this are re-marked units of pre-Northwest Forest Plan sales (Blackjack, Break, Pardner) dropped because of concerns over riparian reserve logging . These units are often on very steep slopes and according to the EA buffers will be only a minimum of 30 to 50 feet from the streams, creeks, etc. Many other units are healthy diverse native second growth, including some stands 70-100 years old. This healthy native second growth is surrounded by a sea of clear-cuts and some stands of old growth. Converting this remaining native second growth into timber plantation will be devastating to the biological diversity found in the adjacent islands of old growth.

In depth talking points, photos, maps, etc are available at:  http://www.bark-out.org/tsdb/detail.php?sale=cloak,

Please, automatically comment at:  http://www.citizenspeak.org/campaign/4055.php


I am writing to comment on the Preliminary Assessment of the Cloak Thinning Project. I request my comments be included in the public record. I appreciate the distinction made in the planning documents between native forests and commercial plantations as commercial logging is inappropriate for native forests. No more native forest should be converted into plantations or managed as plantations. Please drop all units which log in native forest or riparian (wet) areas. Logging within 30 to 50 feet of streams is unacceptable as is road building within 100 to 150 feet of streams! Please do not build any new roads for this sale, including temporary roads. All units, such as 501, that contain old growth ought to be removed from project plans. Thank you for your consideration of my comments.


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