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Insurrection - By Jeff “Free" Luers

The lines have been drawn, the way is clear.

To arms is the call, the enemy is here

Within this empire war is waged

Everyday means revolt for slaves

To the streets weapons in hand

all colors, all creeds united we stand.

One moment, one cause to free all the land.
An end to police who protect corporations

with fire and cheer we burn institutions.

From the buildings Molotov's fly

Damn the police we'll have no more lies

Fox News says "Chaos in the USA"

It's the IMC who will broadcast at the end of the day

"Popular uprising in all 50 States,

formerly known as the US of A."
Thank You, Free! 04.Aug.2004 15:34

bigfoot & vendetta

Right on, our friend. Remembering you always and fighting on for you and us all.