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Bush to visit Medina home of weathly businessman William Reed Jr. Friday, August 13th.
Seattle -
President Bush will attend a fundraiser at the Medina home of wealthy businessman William Reed Jr. on Friday, August 13th 2004. It was exactly a year ago that Bush visited this exclusive Seattle locale. Last year, it was the home of billionaire Craig Mccaw where protesters met the Bush motorcade as a small army of law enforcement looked on.
The exact time of the Bush visit has not yet been made public. A protest permit has yet to be requested from the city of Medina. Contact the clerk of the City of Medina at:
Medina City Hall
501 Evergreen Point Rd.
Medina, WA 98039

phone: phone: 206-992-2654

Protest Permit? 04.Aug.2004 12:21


WTF? What if you don't get a permit?

Maybe Oregon, too? 04.Aug.2004 12:46

Lawrence Maushard

Shrub and his war criminal buddies are not folks to waste a West Coast visit.

So would it make sense that they also plan a quick campaign drop-in somewhere in the Beaver State--a place the GOP feels they have a decent chance to flip to the red column in November?

Stay tuned.


Anthony Vicari vicari@whidbey.com

I forgot to add this link...
Bush will visit the house of millionair William G. Reed Jr. He sits on the boards of Microsoft, The Seattle Times and Washington Mutual. For a more detailed biography of William G. Reed Jr., go to:


G. Reed? 04.Aug.2004 14:09


Who is the Microsoft CFO? P. Irate?

Visit Explained 04.Aug.2004 15:12

George W. Bush

It's very important that I meet Mr. Reed in private. I need to explain the need to stage next month's terror attacks to cover-up for the impending market crash. Recent economic reports have been dreadful, but the terror alerts have been successful so far in keeping the sheeple distracted. Mr. Reed needs to know where to stash his wealth, and the best opportunities for looting the markets following the stage-managed terror attacks. The elite are my base, and I look after them. Time to pop some pills!

Permit? What about the first amendment? 04.Aug.2004 15:26


Asking for a permit to peacefully assemble and speak your mind, is like admitting that you have no right to do so without permission.

These "designated protest areas" and "protest permits" are utter totalitarian BS. Any government entity that denies us the right to assemble and speak, on the grounds of stifling dissent, loses all legitimacy.

It will be interesting to see how many do show up in Mr. Reed's neighborhood, up in Seattle... hope it's lots!


Anthony Vicari vicari@whidbey.com

In researching this, we have found the perfect location for the peace rally/anti-Bush protest. We found the address of Mr. Reed and have driven past the house. It is located directly across the street from Medina Elementary School. This "public school" is closed until 8/25/04 due to school being out. I have a call in to the Medina City Clerk. Any and all help in securing a permit for this site would be great! You can contact the Medina City Clerk at:

Medina City Clerk
Attn: Randy Reed
501 Evergreen Pt. Road
Medina, WA 98039
425-454-9222 Ext. 11


rich, white neighborhood... 04.Aug.2004 16:50


Single-family new house construction building permits: (Medina)

* 1996: 9 buildings, average cost: $589,100
* 1997: 11 buildings, average cost: $1,275,100
* 1998: 12 buildings, average cost: $1,572,400
* 1999: 17 buildings, average cost: $1,257,900
* 2000: 16 buildings, average cost: $1,455,200
* 2001: 11 buildings, average cost: $761,900
* 2002: 10 buildings, average cost: $1,276,300
* 2003: 9 buildings, average cost: $1,746,600

Median resident age: 42.9 years
Median household income: $133,756 (year 2000)
Median house value: $789,600 (year 2000)

Races in Medina:

* White Non-Hispanic (91.6%)
* Chinese (2.5%)
* Two or more races (1.7%)
* Hispanic (1.4%)
* Asian Indian (0.8%)
* Japanese (0.7%)
* American Indian (0.7%)

Still can't find William Reed Jr's address though. It's somewhere, just have to search.

UPDATE... 04.Aug.2004 17:14

Anthony Vicari vicari@whidbey.com

We have been in touch with the chief of police of the Medina, WA police dept. He informed us that we do not need a permit. He will get a clarification and get back with us tomorrow. The address of the Medina Elementary School is:

8001 NE 8th Street
Medina, WA

Mr. Reeds' house is directly across the street. The street is very narrow and not much room on the shoulders. This is why we are trying to secure the Medina Elementary School as our protest locale. Also, last year (also in Medina), the police allowed protesters into the area of the event up to a certain time of day, then cut-off all access to the area. Meaning, arrive early and plan on staying a while...as we cannot get out once we are in...


Bush will visit Portland some time this month 04.Aug.2004 21:44

Most likely at the airport Embassy Suites Hotel

Except same as Cheney - police at every Max stop, proof of purchase at the last stop. We'll stand & stare at the cops who will stand and stare at us. How about a Howard Zinn tape this time?

Embassy Suites Evil or Victim? 05.Aug.2004 11:22

Cheney Watch

Anyone thought of supporting a boycott of the Embassy Suites? It seems to have become the den of iniquity of choice for endlessly greedy Republican fund-raisers.

I also wonder how much income the Embassy Suites has lost during Republican fundraising visits. Does the Oregon and National Republican party make it worth their while? Does it reimburse the Embassy Suites for business lost by not being able to rent rooms in proximity to the Cheney or Bush shindigs? Can it rent any rooms at all or allow other patrons into its restaurant or conference rooms while BushCo is there?

When John Kerry comes to Oregon next week, he will not be appearing in Portland, but in outlying communities. Expect that Bush might do the same thing . . . but in Eastern and Southern Oregon. Remember, he's got a moneypot (er, friend) out there in Bend.


Anthony Vicari vicari@whidbey.com

I just recieved confirmation of the Bush visit to Seattle (Medina) next Friday, August 13th from
KIRO news (here in Seattle)...I guess I will be the point of contact for the organized rally. I spoke at length with the chief of police of Medina and he is great! We are going to mass at the elementary school directly across from Mr. Reeds' house...The chief even confessed to me that the Secret Service has not even contacted him yet!!! I guess they thought they could swoop in at the last minute before anyone could organize anything!!!
Contact me if your group will be attending. I have to give the chief accurate numbers...We will be meeting next Tuesday. A group of Seattle activists will meet tomorrow evening. Contact me if you want to attend...


206-992-2654 cell

Diction and the Dictator ... 05.Aug.2004 17:00


looking at the photo with front page posting on portland.indymedia, it looks like with a $1,800 suit and just a little makeup, Seattle has a near perfect spokester for GWB:"the GOOD twin"
AS for rhetoric, why not start out with Dick Cheney's acclaimed pronouncement from in the US Senate Chamber on June24th this year
At Little-Beruit 'welcoming committee' convergence for the most recent Cheney visit to PDX, a little, angelic, blond, blue-eyed,maybe 9 year old girl was wearing a T-shirt imprinted--in full color--on the back with the graphic
found at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/291513.shtml
Is this the long lost, always denied, GWBush 'good twin'?
Is this the long lost, always denied, GWBush 'good twin'?

Praetorian Guard Make the Rules 05.Aug.2004 22:41


Notwithstanding the Medina chief's implications that a permit isn't needed, or working on the assumption that the school across the street will be available for a protest venue--nothing and everything "authorized" will happen per dictates of the Secret Service.

This, even though the SS's own field rules handbook goes at length to say the SS isn't to prescribe tactics or methods, only convey to the local police the security needs for POTUS Rex, and let the locals figure how they want to respond. In truth, the local police will do whatever the SS says, including restricting the presence of any "negative" expression within communicable sight or sound of POTUS Rex. It's clearly a case of the praetorian guard steamrolling local jurisdiction that even their own rules don't allow--not to mention whiping their boots on the Constitution.

At the website for the South Carolina Progressive Network


there is a link to a .pdf file, click on "Free Speech Manual: what to do when Bush comes to town" The material--a primer on the subject-- grew out of Brett Bursey's experiences when he was arrested for holding his sign in the wrong place and not "obeying" and his subsequent defense against the charges. At the time, Brett Bursey was director of the South Carolina Progressive Network. The primer includes extracts from the SS field manual that Bursey obtained as part of his defense.

Best wishes to the citizens in the full exercise of their rights to assemble and be heard and seen, saying and showing whatever they want to say and display.

i was there last time 06.Aug.2004 09:41

sad monkey

and i was protest penned. humiliated. wouldnt even stand up for my own rights.
gave the president the middle finger, photographed the secret service, told them while they were filming me that they worked for me.
watched billionaires for bush
touched all the major issues for q-13, but too much, it wasnt aired; a racist kid i brought along to teach, with his 'white trash' hat and a cigarette behind each ear.... he was put on q-13 saying "saddam never did nothin' to us" lol thanks q-13.

if i go again; its to get presidential roadburn on my ass.


Iranian-American Democrat


When Bush comes to town Friday, he will indubitably to meet with his #1 pro-war whore in Oregon: Goli Ameri, the GOP candidate for congress in the 1st District.

Of course the real War Whore in the Bush Administration is Condoleezza Rice. And Ameri has told the local Willamette Week that her role-model is Condie Rice.

Ameri is from a Royalist Iranian family and now a Republican in exile -- a logical progression. But she is no "refugee" from the Iranian revolution -- despite her campaign's and the local media's haphazard and inconsistent reporting about when and how she made it to America.

Not all Iranian-born emigres came because of the revolution; many like Ameri came to the US years before the 1978-79 revolution for studies.

This matter has only recently has been corrected by Ameri on the GOP's own website(s) and only because of its exposure on the EYERANIAN.NET blog.

Her GOP bosses in Washington have highlighted Ameri as a key challenger; indeed she has raised over $1 million in cash, BUT THE VAST MAJORITY FROM OUT-OF-STATE IRANIAN-AMERICANS.

She is getting her support from a minority within the Iranian-American community who would not mind Bush sending troops into Iran, since after 25 years in exile these Royalists have lost hope of restoring themselves back to power.

More importantly there is a serious discussion in the Iranian-American community about the possibility/probability of a pre-emptive strike on Iran by a re-elected Bush Administration -- maybe even with Ameri as the first Iranian-born member of Congress acting as Bush's War-with-Iran Whore.

Ameri is exactly the kind of elitist and disconnected "ethnic" candidate that the GOP is trying to push to the forefront.

Thoughtful Portlanders and Oregonians should get behind Congressman David Wu to make sure that he gets re-elected in November.

Pro-War GOLI AMERI at "Ask President Bush" Event, Southridge HS, Beaverton 11.Aug.2004 19:54


GOP congressional candidate Goli Ameri will be sure to grab a campaign photo-op and be seen fawning over her president at the "Ask President Bush" event at Southridge HS in Beaverton on the 13th.

> 12:45 PM
> Southridge High School
> Main Gym
> 9625 South West 125th Avenue
> Beaverton, Oregon

Come out and show your OPPOSITION to Bush and his #1 pro-war whore in Oregon.