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Fro Fro A Go Go

Fro Fro A Go Go 8/13-14

August 13th+14th
20 bands 2 stages

a two day festival celebrating three years of Free Radio Olympia.
Visit the Fro Fro A Go Go Website at www.frolympia.org/ffagg.htm
$5 per day

Fri the 13th at the Goth Warehouse (downtown by the artesian well it's
black and purple and has angels on it)

4:00-4:55 AKA the Hat
5:00-5:30 Mind Your Pig Latoya
5:35-6:05 Foagy Mopus
6:10-7:05 Actual Technologies
7:10-7:40 Oggatron
7:45-8:40 St Helens ASAP
8:45-9:40 Bees Knees
9:45-10:40 Carlos
10:45-11:40 Palisades
11:45-12:50 The Strangers

Sat the 14 @ Calliapie

12:00-12:30 McNamore
12:35-1:25 Etherial Double
1:30-2:25 Pasties
2:30-3:25 PS I Love You
3:30-4:25 The Visible Men (eugene)
4:30-5:00 Compost
5:05-6:00 Female Hip Hop Alliance
6:05-7:00 Kickball
7:05-8:00 Encyclopedia of Fun
8:05-9:00 Sleep and Syndell of Old Dominion (seattle)
9:05-10:00 Saints of Everyday Failures

if you would like to volunteer for a free pass pleese contact  fro@riseup.net)

homepage: homepage: http://www.frolympia.org/ffagg.htm