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9.11 investigation


"homeland security"
o.k. this is a really pathetic situation we find ourselves in. even now, how much does pearl harbor and wwii fill our media channels? so 60 years from now, how much will 9/11 & "the war on terror" fill the airwaves? i don't even want to think about it..........

you know what is so pathetic about it -- the mentality of all the people making up those who are in power or aligned with it. the media nitwits, the politicos, the bureaucrats making up the 9/11 commission - on and on.

hogging the airwaves with their obsessions and paranoias. really pathetic.....

there is so much more to be done then this "us and them" think.

and my fellow americans. so many are so degenerate, its really difficult to lift a finger to help them. its almost better just to let them learn the hard way. because they are so mule-headed and stubborn to begin with.
bozos! 04.Aug.2004 00:31

stuck in the past

It wasn't always like that. During the Cold War the Soviet Union was the one endlessly reliving World War II in their mediasphere. American media laughed at them for it. Look at those bozos! They are so stuck in the past! What propaganda purpose does it serve for their leaders? Now America has the same disease. It might just be the rise of cable and the near 24-7 availability of old documentaries on the Discovery and History Channels during the early '90s. Or it might be something else.

Remember not to forget to remember. . . 04.Aug.2004 11:13

Hal E. Burton

Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Unless it disappears down the memory hole in the Brave New World. (Did you know that The History Channel isn't available in Canada? And since we were in the same war on the same side, I have to wonder if we're receiving our own special brand o' propaganda!)

Someone once said! 05.Aug.2004 14:31

Bird dog

If you forget the past, you are doomed to repeat it.

Just like the one bullet claim with Kennedy, when we are lied to it is our duty and responsibility to dig up the truth!

When the kings of crime are hiding the truth, it is our job to ask the tough questions.

Or do you just want to be a slave all your life!
Learn from the past!
Learn from the past!