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The Terrorism Daily Gazette

In today's paper: terrorism and you
I looked at 10 articles in the Tuesday Oregonian, and highlighted key words like "attack" "terror" and "al-Qaida" along with several other dramatic fear-mongering words or phrases, and then tallied up the results.

Four of the articles are from the AP, three from the NYT News Service, and one each from the LA Times/Washington Post News Service, Christian Science Monitor, and Newhouse News Service. There is one short article about terror attacks in Iraq, and a very short article about US airstrikes in Afghanistan, otherwise all the articles are about domestic matters (fear-mongering).


"attack" "attacks" "attacked" or "attacking"--20
in caption or sidenote--1
# of these in reference to Sept. 11--5

in subtitle--1
in caption or sidenote--1

"terrorism" "terrorist" or "terrorists"--13
in title--1
in subtitle--1
in caption or sidenote--1

in title--1
in subtitle--1

"Sept. 11 terrorist attacks"--2

"car bomb"--1
"truck bombing"--1
"car or truck bombs"--1
in caption or sidenote--1
"bomb-sniffing dogs"--1
in caption or sidenote--1
"suicide bombings"--1

In advertising, the most important thing is to repeat the name of the product being sold as many times as possible in the limited amount of space or time available.

If you don't even have enough money to buy food, you can at least pick up the paper and chew on that for awhile.

NOTE--the Newhouse News article is especially hilarious, about the terror threat for the Midwest and other areas. Are these the clowns that own the Oregonian??
Just from the A section 03.Aug.2004 22:02


This was just in the A section of Tuesday's paper