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APS Uniform Glossary of Terms

As President Bush, the nation's number one terrorist, but as is well known a figure head, prepares to release its report on "mental health", with its appropriately Orwellian name "Report by Freedom Committee on Mental Health", one should pause to consider the types of methods utilized by the National Security State to bring about martial law. One of these methods is APS, also known as mind control. Persons who hold beliefs about political reality contrary to those imbued in the nations television viewing middle class are subject to being psych-labelled, with consequent forced medication which produces permanent brain damage. In particular, there are doubtless many government psychiatrists just drooling over the possibility of the out-patient committement of persons who believe that 911 was carried out via remote control technology.
APS Uniform Glossary of Terms

APS Uniform Glossary of Terms


In order to properly account for and document the APS system as it threatens the human species, a uniform and standard terminogy is necessary. With well-defined, empirical terms based on the commonality of experiences reported by TI's, concerned activists, scientists, and political operatives can communicate in an efficacious manner.


Active Physical Surveillance is a system of psychological torture known to exist throughout the world today. Reports of this situation date back to the early seventies. It is known that during WWII military operatives first became aware of the scientific fact that exposure to radar EM radiation can cause one to hear clicks. From at least this time it is posited that classified research programs have sought to develop such technology as can cause individuals to hear "voices." During the 60's experiments were performed (Frey et. al.) which demonstrated how voice commands mediated via microwaves could be passed to indivduals with no intervening media other than free space between participant and apparatus. Thus it is quite conceivable that the delivery method has been refined to the point where such frequencies as can entrain an individual's brain waves can be implemented via microwave cell phone towers. In this connection, the date of 1977 when cell phones first went public is a very signficant date. Furthermore, John Lennon was killed in late 1980, shortly after the Reagan-Bush team were appointed as chief executive of the US government, the entity primarily responsible for APS abominations against humanity. It is widely believed that Mark Chapman, the person blamed for Lennon's killing, had been a targetted individual for a couple of years before 1980. During the 1980's three of the most well known victims, Dorothy Burdick (Such Things Are Known), Harlan Girard (ICOMW ), and Julianne McKinney (Microwave Harassment and Mind Control) first became targetted. By the 90's there have been documented several hundred cases in the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, mainly, but also quite few in other modern western countries such as France and Germany. These cases of targetting share many common attributes which can be summarized as the APS system. The three main components of APS are Microwave Mediated Brain Torture (MMBT), Interpersonal Psychological Adversity Harassment (IPAH), and Life Control (LC).


Microwave Mediated Brain Torture is the driving force behind the APS system. There are many hypotheses as to how the "voice-to-skull" effect is delivered. Some, such as Allan Barker and Martin Abernathy, posit the presence of tiny brain implants which act as antennae which transpond the incoming signals to the frequencies of brain waves. However this is not considered to be a likely explanation by NAICR due to the clear limitation on types of frequencies, sophistication of modulation, and power output such microtransmitters are capable of. The microwave sound-inducing effect is a scientifically verified fact. It is also a scientifically verifiable fact that the power of the radiation needed to induce auditory sensations is quite low, in the microwatts per centimeter range. Thus we can surmise that a very likely method of delivery is via cell phone towers used for cell phones. In the words of one wise operative, "the best place to hide a log is in the forest." (thanks to Harlan Girard for researching this quote from an NSO) Typically a person who experiences MMBT reports that it is 24/7 for years on end (this fact of utter constancy and consistency of symptoms rules out a biological origin, since the OBD correlate of what pseudoscientists term "schizophrenia" has historically been characterized as irregular and varying in intensity, as well as of periods of intermission), and that it may be a few voices talking to the victim, making references to her/his situation, how futile it is to struggle against it, etc. There is typically a hissing sound present which may increase in intensity near small motors, fans, or air conditioners. Such a constant sound input to the brain for years on end could be easily imaginable as excruciatingly painful torture. Frequently the voices will whisper to the victim, which fact has in recent years been exploited by psychiatry in publicizing this as a "characteric symptom of schizophrenia" in the popular press. In many of the TI's the vocal input is for the most part unintelligible, and sensed as a garbled backround of whispered hissing vocalized mumbling. MMBT can be blocked by going to a location where there are no microwaves. Some TI's have reported that total blockage of the voice-to-skull effect has been produced by descending in caves several hundred feet under limestone-- which would indeed totally block any microwaves.


Interpersonal Psychological Adversity Harassment is one of the cornerstones of APS and of American Fascism. There are many types and flavors of IPAH, which leads one to conclude that it is part of some confluence between evolutionary programming in human bipeds with the onset of modern technology and totalitarian police states. In Germany this is known as "mobbing." Such an occurrence is characterized by an individual being psychologically harassed by group members. For instance a specific individual may not be welcome in a work environment, an office say, or a work group at a university. Ranking members of the group will pick up on this and begin to make remarks in the presence of the harassee. Such remarks are not made to a person in particular, but are only uttered in the presence of the TI in order to produce psychological stress. Frequently there will be a theme which is replayed over and over by harassment operatives throughout the TI`s life. Thus certain catch phrases, which perhaps are contained in some classified file somewhere in the NSG, will be repeated to the TI via the microwaves, or by the PHO's. Typically a PHO will be a coworker, fellow student, or just people on the street. What's startling about IPAH is that it is carried out by persons who don't have any evident direct connections to the government whatsoever. One can surmise that the government implants the idea to harass the victim via subvocal audiograms in the harasser's brains. This can explain why all PHO's use the same vocabulary as that of the actual audiograms from the MMBT. One possible motive for IPAH from the PHO's viewpont is that it produces psychological gratification. Indeed, PHO's are frequently persons of low self-esteem and tend to be lower in the pecking order in groups. Two examples of military/intelligence pscyhogical warfare operations in action using IPAH are the mass-shooting incidents involving Kip Kinkel on the one hand, and Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of Columbine on the other. In both instances it was a well-known component of the history leading up to the shootings that the three cited individuals were very intensely harassed psychologically by members of the group milieu they were socially connected to at their respective educational institutions. Given that the US government is evidently using terror overtly to produce a full-featured totalitarian police state, one can conclude that there is an evident value for America's elites which the IPAH method has in bringing about total control they hope to achieve. Most TI's report that their neighbors harass them. It is likely that TI's are maneuvered into living in NSO safe house communities/neighborhoods. Thus all the neighbors of the TI could be NSO's. The neighbors in most targetting cases function as PHO's who harass the victim by making remarks, statements, proclamations, or banging noises in reaction to movements or noises of the TI. These utterances by the PHO's occur as frequently as on average once per hour. Typically all the neigbors act in unison as a "team" of harassers. Thus, as one TI has reported to me, over 50% of the time when a 911 vehicle with its siren blaring (such an occurence is for this TI a several time per day event no matter what city, state, or country she is in) goes by her apartment, one (not always the same one) will make a statement, or thump on the floor/wall, to remind the TI of the fact that the PHO's have her under constant surveillance. Other triggers for the harassing statements will typically be turning off music or news, sitting down at a table to eat or read, exiting or entering the bathroom, emerging from the shower, commencement or ceasing of protracted activity at a computer keyboard-- in short any of the regular events of the TI's life will be punctuated by the comments or thumping noises of the PHO's. This situation of IPAH literally produces paranoi and false reference in the TI's, since they have grown accustomed over the time span of several years to expect these associations which are reinforced 24/7 by the neighbors, coworkers, and other members of the IPAH team. For TI's it is strongly recommended to not react to the IPAH. The only possible way one could confront the PHO's about their harassment is if the TI has recorded the harassment. In some cases this harassment has been recorded. One graduate student has reported to me that she is in the habit of recording some of the lectures she attends, and that in all of them there are the remarks and statments made by some of the students during the lectures characteric of IPAH. Another motive of IPAH is to get evidence against the TI that the TI is psychologically unstable-- if a person says his/her neighbors or coworkers is psychocially harassing him with often repeated remarks or statements all consistent with a thematic framework, it is much easier for the pscyiatric operative to make the "diagnosis" of "schizophrenia", which will likely precipitate forced drugging by the government and subsequent physical damage of the TI's brain.


Life Control is the third main component, along with MMBT and IPAH, of the APS system (Note that not all of these are always present for a TI, though they usually are-- one notable exception is that of Mickey Englum, who was a TI hit by MMBT and LC unto her death bed.) Typically in the vast majority of TI cases, all members of the TI's support group turn against the TI. Family, friends, colleagues, all sour on the TI, to the point where the TI has no friends, is unemployable, and utterly at the lack of mercy of their torturers. This situation obviously aids in the pseudoscientific process of psych-labelling, since pseudoscientific psyciatry lists as one of the symptoms of "schizoprenia" that the alleged sufferer lives alone and has no friends.


A National Security Operative is a person who has had a security clearance by the US government and is sworn to secrecy about his/her work for the government. These are defense industry employees, police workers, or alphabet soup agency employees.


The National Security Government consists of all of the networked personel in governemt in such alphabet soup agencies as CIA, NSA, NASA, FBI, DIA, DISC, BATF, SS, etc., as well as all branches of the military- in particular the upper levels of the officers corps, e.g. generals. As well this includes all government leaders from the level of Senators and ranking House members to cabinet members, top appointees of the figure-head president, etc. All of these operatives which together comprise the NSG comprise a social network which is sworn to secrecy by multiple hierarchical levels of security clearances. The NSG has at its disposable an entirely seperate computer network so its secrets remain well-guarded.


A Phychological Harassment Operative (also known as a "perp" in the lexicon of Eleanor White) is a person who performs IPAH on a TI. These are typically snitch type personalities, wanabee NSO's, and persons lower on the pecking order of social groups. Usually they have low self-esteem and get considerable satisfaction out of torturing their victims- one is reminded in this instance of the grinning demeanor of Lynndie England in the recent torture scandal of the US military in Iraq.


A TI is a "Targetted Individual", one who has been put on the APS regimen by the USNSG or of one its allied governments. This term was first coined by Eleanor White, a person who has been active for years via her website "Raven One Caught In a Net." That an individual is "targetted" emphasizes the military/intelligence origins of the targetting system. In all cases that are known the TI will remain a TI for her/his entire life. The targetting is always characterized by sudden onset, 24/7 targetting thenceforth, with stereotypical patterns very common across groups of targettees. Usually such individuals have been labelled by pseudoscientific psychiatry as "mentally ill."


An Organic Brain Disorder is an actual, verifiable, physical disorder of the brain. Such an OBD can manifest itself as acute depression, chronic paranoia, hallucinations, thought disorders, etc. This would be the correlate of what psychiatrists refer to as "mental illness." However the distinction that is made is that in theory (although Neuroscience has not gotten to this stage yet) such disorders will be able to be identified by their physical origins in the brain. Unfortunately the state of mainstream "science" today does not recognize that it is impossible to scientifically account for an alleged illness which is known only by its behavioural manifestations. Thus any person who exhibits certain behaviour patterns, or fits whatever current classification scheme has been devised by the politically motivated psychiatrists and their allies the psychologists, is liable to be labelled as "mentally ill." However the meer fact that these quasiscientific operatives have developed over decades vast quantities of unproven hypotheses, quack diagnostic procedures, and scientific-sounding vocabularies imbued in them by their training, does not change the fundamental fact that they do not have the requisite physical and mathematical knowledge and tools to understand how the brain works. Ipso facto, if they do not understand how the brain works, they can not be scientifically qualified to label persons as "mentally ill."


The International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW) has been investigating U.S. Mind Control Atrocities since the 1980's. In the following paper by Harlan Girard of the ICOMW, APS (aka by its classical term microwave mind control) is described in its effects on an individual's life. Written in 1991, it is one of the first works on the modern form of mind control, which is more properly termed Active Physical Surveillance (APS). This report remains one of the most insightful commentaries on the true nature of APS and how it is used to systematically psychologically destroy individuals in American society. Mr. Girard bases his analysis on hundreds of victim testimonys. Mr. Girard has helped and counseled countless victims over the past decade and he can truly be considered as one of the three founders of modern political research into APS.

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