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T.V. Schedules for the 2003 Madison, WI. Media Reform Conference

In November 2003 a national conference was held by The Free Press in
Madison, WI to discuss media reform. Many of the workshops, panels, speakers
were videotaped by the Chicago Access Network. Portland Community Media is
pleased to present these public affairs programs on a topic extremely
relevant today.
(This has already been playing on local Public Access. But here is a schedule so folks can be aware of the playback schedule in advance. The Conference featured some excellent speakers, including Al Franken, Amy Goodman, John Stauber, to name just a few, and a Keynote by Bill Moyers.)

Below is the schedule for playback of the programs on CityNet 30.
Because the tapes are of varying lengths, some episodes contain two tapes
per episode.
Episode 1: Introductory Remarks/Media and Propaganda During Wartime -
featuring Prof. Robert McChesney, University of Illinois and Free Press
founder; Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz; Rep. Tammy Baldwin [D-WI]; Josh
Silver, Free Press; Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!; Rahul Mahajan, United for
Peace and Justice; John Stauber, Center for Media and Democracy
8/08/04 1:30 PM
8/10/04 7:00 PM
8/11/04 7:00 PM
Episode 2: Media Conference, Workers, Reform/How Do We Win? - featuring
David Newby, Wisconsin AFL-CIO; Linda Foley, The Newpaper Guild; John
Sweeney, AFL-CIO
8/15/04 2:00 PM
8/16/04 7:00 PM
8/18/04 7:00 PM
Episode 3: Federal Policymaking and Regulation - featuring Vidya
Krishnamurthy, Free Press; Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, FCC; Charles
Lewis, Center for Public Integrity; Rep. Bernie Sanders [I-VT]
8/22/04 2:00 PM
8/23/04 7:00 PM
8/25/04 7:00 PM
Episode 4: Messaging and Strategic Communication - featuring Celia Alario,
PR for People and the Planet; Ellen Braune, Demos
8/29/04 2:00 PM
8/30/04 7:00 PM
9/01/04 7:00 PM
Episode 5: Keynote Session - featuring Robert McChesney, University of
Illinois/Free Press, MC, Keynote Speech by Bill Moyers - remarks by Rep.
Maurice Hinchey [D-NY]; Rep. Louis Slaughter [D-NY]; Sen. Russ Feingold
[D-WI]; Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!; FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein;
Studs Terkel; John Nichols, The Nation/Free Press; Al Franken
9/05/04 8:00 AM
9/07/04 7:00 PM
9/08/04 7:00 PM
Episode 6: A Look At PBS - featuring Pat Mitchell, PBS
9/12/04 2:00 PM
9/14/04 7:00 PM
9/15/04 7:00 PM
Episode 7: Closing Plenary - featuring Robert McChesney, University of
Illinois/Free Press; Linda Foley, The Newspaper Guild; Rep. Bernie Sanders
[I-VT]; Rep. Tammy Baldwin [D-WI]; Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow Push; John
Nichols, The Nation; Al Franken
9/19/04 2:00 PM
9/20/04 7:00 PM
9/21/04 7:00 PM