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election fraud

you asked for it, you got it: a clearer link to sElection 2004 page

serveral to many readers have posted to the site asking that there be a clearer link to the sElection 2004 page on this website, especially since the stories that are sorted to that page do not appear on the front page. so now there is a "sElection 2004" button in the upper part of the left hand column, right under the "calendar" button". the "sElection 2004" button features glowing, shadowed, beveled text floating above an upside down Adbusters corporate flag. hopefully, this will now make the section easier to find.
the sElection 2004 page was created with the knowledge that people would be posting tons and tons and tons of pResidential sElection related stories to the site, and with the fear that all these stories would overwhelm the rest of the site, including stories on local election issues. local election stories will be found on the front page, just like normal, but also in a special section, here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/oregonelections2004/

<begin personal screed>

the term "sElection" was chosen to reflect the dubious circumstances of U.S. elections; that is, how much of a true election is there, in actuality? the 2000 pResidential race featured an out-an-out coup on top of widespread fraud and disenfranchisement. (no matter what the democrats might say, it was not nader that lost the election for gore -- it was lots of black people and alleged felons and others not being allowed to vote in the south, the supreme court limiting which counties could be recounted, supreme court justices refusing to recuse themselves even though they had conflicts of interest, republican dirty tricks, electronic voting machine anamolies, and -- last but not least -- lacksadaisal attempts by gore and his legal team and the democratic leadership to actually *win*. remember how they called off jesse jackson when he went to florida to protest?) this year promises more of the same, with more states using electronic voting machines, continued shenanigans with the voter rolls in florida, and a "choice" that is not much of a choice at all, and wasn't very democratically decided, either. (ref. the democrats' new "front-loaded" primary system, which greatly lessens the power of grassroots, low-cash campaigns.) money has taken over the entire process, and it doesn't belong to "we the people" at all anymore.

hence the word, "sElection" rather than "Election".


</end personal screed>
Are you kidding me!!! 03.Aug.2004 18:52


Several of us have been asking for months that since you keep on moving important posts about the primary, that you at least make the sElection link easier to find.

It was important DURING THE PRIMARY to talk about the candidates but this site seem to do everything possible to NOT HELP!!! MAny important posts about Kucinich were moved to where no one could read them, but silly posts that had comments about nothing were left for all to read.

This site has been co-opted, no doubt about it. I have been suspicious for many months now, I mean what kind of site would not be promoting Dennis Kucinich?? I have had so many posts moved and removed for no reason it is ridiculous. But this...now.....now I am sure this site is fucked up!

just a thought 03.Aug.2004 20:12


"what kind of site would not be promoting Dennis Kucinich"

Hmmm, how about one which is "independent", ie has no political affiliation.

Of course, I remember more than a few Kucinich features here, since Kucinich did spend some time campaigning and people did cover his events.

Oh My 03.Aug.2004 20:32

indy geek

Go to the sElection 2004 page and read down through the features. They are all Kucinich or Nader, and those features were all on the front page. Kucinich had plenty of coverage.

Since you brought it up though, exactly who do you think has co-opted the site? What interests? I really want to know cause I regularly volunteer my time to help keep the site going and I should surely stop doing so if what you say is true.

Did the site get taken over by Kerry supporters? Bush supporters? Christian Fundamentalists? Islamic Jihadists? CNN? Fox News? Let's hear your theory.

Come on. Inform us of your suspicions that have turned to conviction.

Link 03.Aug.2004 22:50

George Bender

I'm glad you've given us a more visible link to the national politics page. I would still rather see these articles on the front page. I do recognize that a lot of it is repetitious, but I think this election is one of the most important issues progressives need to deal with until November. And possibly later if there is vote fraud. Also the issues being discussed, when they are, are important ones.

It is especially important that younger people who visit this website understand what is happening. Too many of their comments sound like "Dude, where's my politics?" But then it took me a long time to catch on. I voted for Clinton in 92. By 96 I knew that had been a mistake.

reply 04.Aug.2004 08:17

Indy geek

Hi George,

If people were disciplined about adding their opinions to existing articles, rather than posting so many repetitive new ones, then the sElection 2004 page articles would not have been removed from the front page newswire.

Unfortunately, shortly before that step was taken, the newswire already was nearly one third election stories with it only promising to get worse in the months ahead. There is the suggestion, which I favor, of letting the articles remain on the front starting from the beginning of October. That way the election will dominate the newswire for one month prior, not 9, and maybe it will dominate it for a month or two following.

Anyone wants to comment on that idea, go ahead.

As for the importance of the election.

It is not of particular importance what you do on that one day, it is what you do the other 364. The reason society has come to the desparate place it finds itself, is not because of that single day in November, but because of the other 364. Just as you cannot take poor care of yourself, and then pop a pill and be healthy, so to you cannot live lies, and then hope for truth by pulling a lever.

re 364 04.Aug.2004 14:38


<nitpick> Don't you mean that it's important what you do the other 1460 days? I know local elections happen every two years, and some locals happen every year, but you were referring to the national presidential elections, which happen every four years. Multiply 365 by four, then subtract one for the actual day of the elections, then add one for the leap year, and you get 1460. </nitpick>

Indy geek 04.Aug.2004 23:25

George Bender

A lot of the newswire items on Portland IndyMedia are repetitive. There are certain issues we are interested in and want to discuss. I notice that articles about the presidential election often accumulate many comments, if left on the front page. Obviously this is something people care about.

"It is not of particular importance what you do on that one day, it is what you do the other 364. [etc.]"

In this paragraph it seems to me that you are setting up a straw man and then knocking it down. I can't see any connection between what you are saying and what I, and other activists I know, are actually doing. Although the Nader campaign is my main focus now, I also work, and have for years, on other issues. At the last Nader convention I recognized faces of people that I've worked with, over the years, on other issues. I do political work, as a volunteer, just about every day. I don't just come out of the closet during political campaigns.

What you seem to be saying is that we have put too much importance on the election. I don't think so. Elections are still the main way that governmental power is transferred in this country. It is also a good opportunity to raise issues. The Nader campaign, specifically, is a way that a small leftist minority of the electorate can have a serious impact and force Democrats to deal with our issues -- or lose. It seems to me very eccentric of leftists not to seize the opportunity. Of course that's the main thing leftists do -- be eccentric.

It is true that there are other ways to influence public policy, and we will persue them when it is time. Right now it's presidential election time, and I think you are making a mistake by trying to downgrade the importance of it. And I don't think you should be making that decision on our behalf.

It's appreciated 05.Aug.2004 21:09

politics as impossible

Don't know about everybody else, but I say, "Hooray for PIMX volunteers!"

Good link icon. I spotted it right away.

(Probably you can't please all of the people all of the time.)

George Bender 06.Aug.2004 14:35


Comments alone do not provide an accurate picture of the popularity of an article. Many people may read an article and decide not to comment, while another article may be interesting to only a select group of people, but due to its controversial nature it may extract many comments from them.