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Events for Saturday August 7th

Black Cross First Aid Training this Saturday, August 7th in Portland

Augustana Lutheran Church, 2710 N.E. 14th Ave @ 10am Black Cross Health Collective will conduct an eight hour training in basic first aid for protests. All are welcome. The idea is to teach a lot of useful information in a hands-on setting where we have some fun and you learn how to be immediately effective. This information will be useful for those folks who will be going to the Republican National Convention in New York City, but it would also be useful if you come across someone who is knocked off their bicycle by a car. We teach decontamination from chemical weapons such as tear gas and pepper spray and how to deal with blunt trauma, such as when the police hit you with a club, as well as other useful skills. [ more information ]

Benefit this Saturday for the PDX to RNC Legal Fund

Portland IWW Hall/Back to Back Cafe, 614 E. Burnside @ 8pm According to the New York legal team, the best thing we can do in preparing to come to the RNC protests is to raise legal defense money beforehand. This doesn't mean we're planning to go out and get arrested - it just means that in chaotic situations, you never know what will happen. We're going as medics and journalists and bike activists, we're going to let our Oregon representatives know that we're watching them, and we're going to plug in where the New York organizers need us. So if you support the cause, or if you just want to hear some good music, come out and drop a couple bucks in the hat. [ more information ]