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Greek animal welfare law in action is a joke!

Transcript of a TV report concerning around 25-30 dogs which were rounded up, dumped into a truck and driven 'out of sight' ...
Transcript of a TV report concerning around 25-30 dogs which were rounded up, dumped into a truck and driven 'out of sight' ... then chained to trees and left to their fate .... or would have been, had one vigilant Greek woman not recorded with her camera and exposed the dreadful incident ... hoping to find out more soon [what happened to the dogs / who is taking care of them etc].



After having read the articles on how the largest British animal welfare organization (the RSPCA) disapproves of the way Greece is handling the strays in view of the Olympic Games, the residents of the city of Herakleio were stirred up at the sight of tens of wounded animals. The people report that the municipal employees were stacking the strays in a truck to remove them from being in the way for the torch race.

The municipal employees of Herakleio tied the strays under trees and bushes. According to the local residents the strays were transported, piled on each other, in a truck and during the drive they started fighting and biting each other.

One of the locals had her camera and recorded a dog dying a slow death after being bitten on the throat and the chest. Another puppy had lost its eye while several other dogs remained wounded and chained to tree trunks.

***and a report on a separate incident:

On Tuesday morning members of animal welfare groups met with the chief of the local police station of Aghia Marina, at the establishment where the journalists will be set up during the Olympics. They reported that tens of animals have disappeared on this site and they claim that there is an organized plan to wipe out the animals. A little later, when they asked to see the animals, the animals were gone.
Is There Anything We Can Do????? 03.Aug.2004 16:05


Is there anything we can do???? Any phone #'s, addresses, faxes etc., we could be flooding about this disgusting atrocity?

What is being done? 03.Aug.2004 17:41

Animal Lover

Where are all the large American Welfare and Animal Rights Organizations? Why are they keeping silent?

speciesism at its best 04.Aug.2004 01:02

tyler m

But hey! Us humans need a place every 4 years to hop around and scream and show national pride by seeing who can jump the highest, run the fastest, and take the most steroids without getting caught. those animals need to make room right?