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Iraqi Communist Resistance is in Solidarity With Saddam Hussein

Dear All,

Hopefully, this helps to clear up some of the confusion. This piece originally appeared on the Arab Nationalist Lists, and the spelling errrors or the fault of the Translator ( or arabic-english translator program, my guess).

Iraqi Communist Party(Cadre) formally ackowledges Saddam Hussein to be the Valid President of Iraq!!!


Response from the ICP-Cadre


To Whom It May Concern,

It looks like there has been some misunderstanding of the ICP-Cadre
statement and its position on Saddam Hussein.

Hence, we would like to clarify our position on the trial of
president Saddam Hussein:

1:we in ICP-Cadre believe that Saddam Hussein is still the president
of Iraq

2: we stand with him in the war he led against the imperialists

3: there was communication between the president and us while he
was still free

4:we in IPC-Cader reject any trial for Presdint Saddam by the USA,
the UK, Nato, the UN, the Hague, or Bremer's Council.

Finally, we believe that the Americans can not afford to put the
President on trial because they do not have anything on him.

Every Article is Muhammad Abu Nasr 03.Aug.2004 20:27


Every article in English on this website has been written by Muhammad Abu Nasr of the Free Arab Voice which is hardly communist and is in fact confirmed fascist by any analysis. I'm not going to continue this argument with you if you wish to continue your catastrophic plunge into the shadowy world of double agents, plots, intrigues and betrayals; you beg your own ruin.

As I said before you don't know who your real handlers are which is to say this organization you refer to is fake--i.e., has no members or support and is expressly opposed the will of the Iraqi people, or masses. You are only the mouthpiece for the politics of Abu Nidal, if this is what you refer to as communism. It's so unfortunate that you couldn't get a statement from Ahmad Sadaat to affirm your leadership of the Palestinian Marxist cause outside Palestine, or from the DPRK connecting Tehran to Tel Aviv, or proof from Bashir Assad that real Bathists support a possible USA war on Tehran to support your political tossed salad. It seems to be even still harder to disentagle the Fedayeen Saddam from the Koran since even they didn't spare its recital before committing their brutal crimes, but supporting Saddam is also backdoor support for Sunni minority rule. Not that minority rule should undermine fascist claims to the masses. It never did before.

It looks like it took a few days to set this up. Now all the sudden you claim to have "proof" that the masses stand for Nazism, arabism, fascism and Arab Fascism. Will the wonders never cease?