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election fraud

please think about this now

so what if Bush wins ?
Okay, (remembering this site is monitored people) please think about what YOU will do if Bush gets "elected".
I am not talking about by what margin of votes, and what voter fraud there is or appears to be, and how the inevitable back and forth lawsuits actually ended up.I am talking about 4 more years of Bush.

So, no matter if you are a Nader , Kerry, Cobb, or "other" person, please consider your actions soon, what you will do and when, where you will go, (if anywhere) and how you will communicate if and when communication methods begin to be cut.

Think about the scenarios that may happen, and how you fit in with organizing and communication with those who are like-minded.

The time to do this is now. Not a day or two after the election.

Remember your phone, cell, and computer are not safe to discuss anything.And your credit cards are monitored.

If anyone replies remember this site is monitored.
I told my family 03.Aug.2004 13:54


I am graduating in the next year from college and I've been studying all sorts of great shit, mostly in political science and humanities areas. I told my family that if Bush gets re-appointed/selected that I will go to law school. I know that I would have to end up being a radical lawyer (=broke before I even begin), but sometimes we have to plan our lives around circumstances beyond our control.

. 03.Aug.2004 13:59


You should consider this regardless of whether it is Bush or Kerry. Kerry may enact martial law also.

Monitored eh? 03.Aug.2004 14:50

Homer J.

What's Bush going to do? Release the dogs? or the Bees? Or the dogs with bees in there mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you?

Planning on moving 03.Aug.2004 17:06

somewhere else

Just trying to figure out where. I will do my best to fight the tyranny but i believe it will need to be done from a safer landpoint.

wait-n-see 03.Aug.2004 17:50


It's great to stay informed. I'm scared of potential marital law too, but I see it as a matter of practicality.
It ain't gonna happen unless considerably more than 50% of the armed forces consent, and my gut feeling is that bushco does not have considerably more than 50% of the military behind it.
Oh well, they figure civil was is good for iraq, maybe it will work here, too. However, I sort of doubt it.
Remember, kerry is such a dismal candidate that the ruling class has little to fear from his election.
To paraphrase Jello B, when they impose martial law, the "peace police" will knock on your door at 7.30 am to get your daily urine sample, but, DON'T WORRY, ALL ORGANIZED SPORTS EVENTS WILL PROCEED AS SCHEDULED! I bet alcohol stays widely available to keep the masses complacent, too.

If Bush is elected 03.Aug.2004 18:33

it may bring on the revolution

that we need as he continues to outrage more & more people who normally don't pay attention or care about government abuse. I've entertained thoughts of voting for Bush just for that reason. With Kerry, many people will be mollified by a few liberal programs and go back to non-participation in civic concerns. think about it.

counter argument 03.Aug.2004 20:19


If Bush is elected it will mean 4 more years of people trying to convince each other that a democrat will solve our problems. But 4 years of Kerry will prove to the world that that isn't the case. Only then, when people realize a corporatist will only lead us further into decline will people be ready for a revolutionary change.

Bush might surprise us 03.Aug.2004 21:57


Bush might surprise us all and open up diplomatic relations with China in spite of the....Oh wait, that was Nixon...Bush will probably attack Iran along with our Iraqi allies in the war on terror.

Seriously though, demonstrations and riots will probably shake the country for awhile, then things will settle down, people will emigrate, eventually come baack, etc....

reality check 03.Aug.2004 22:16


C'mon, I'm voting ABB. Nobody who's voting against bush thinks that kerry's gonna solve much of anything. I sure don't. We don't have the power to stop capitalist planet-rape, and probably won't until mother nature decides she wants to bat last. In the meantime, slowing planetary rape ever-so-slightly under kerry may mollify ma nature into giving us a couple more years before the shit really hits the fan.

Many years ago, I met an old physicist who'd been a close personal friend of Albert Einstein's. He designed the gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge in the Manhattan project. This guy wasn't just book-learned, but wise as well. To paraphrase a conversation we had on the nature of satisfaction with life, the bottom line would be that the democrats have no interest in helping people live satisfying lives. The rapeublicans have even less. Don't look to the government for quality of life assistance-they don't give a flyin' cheney. Your quality of life is your business, find it within yourself and your family, however you might define that.
And please vote for the "liberal" pile of shit so we can put the worst aspects of bushco behind us.

Better yet 03.Aug.2004 23:08

George Bender

Vote for Nader to send a message to the Democrats that they will either deal with our issues or lose elections. We need to use the only power we have.

fy imc 04.Aug.2004 01:13

Wendy Binion

Not my quote, but a good one, "it is not the best leader that leads to revolution, but the worst one". Revolt, support the opposition to imperialism.

blah blah blah 04.Aug.2004 03:45

what the fuck ever

Oh Jesus, like what's going on NOW isn't bad enough?

If you're looking for an excuse to blow off your pointless day-to-day life and head for the hills, just DO it already. Go for it. Let us know how it works out. Some of us already tried that. That's how we ended up in Oregon in the first place.

MY VOTE IS NOT FOR KERRY 04.Aug.2004 06:30


bush + dick = fucked

har har har har har har har hwwwaaaa hwar huh-har har!!! 04.Aug.2004 14:48


"Bush + Dick = fucked! IN ALL CAPS!!!! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HARH ARH ACK COUGH COUGH ACK! COUGH! HEH HEHCCCCK COUGH! ACK! HEH heh heh... chuckle, ... chuckle ... heh ... huh huh ... 'fucked,' ha ha hah... get it? cuz bush is like pubic hair, and dick is like, a penis? hah hah! hmm.<p>
Seriously, how is an overused, nonsensical slogan like that even an argument for voting Kerry? Why don't you try arguing with ideas instead of regurgitated, mind-virus rhetoric?

Slogans for the sheeple 05.Aug.2004 08:59


"Seriously, how is an overused, nonsensical slogan like that even an argument for voting Kerry?"

"Vote for Nader to send a message to the Democrats that they will either deal with our issues or lose elections."

NADER 06.Aug.2004 00:16

fuck kerry

I personally don't give a shit. I've drawn my line in the sand, and if the Dems lose because my vote went to Nader instead of them, then it's their fucking fault for not making themselves pleasing enough for me to vote for. You can't be a capitalist and chastize people for acting in a capitalist manner. If everyone's vote is worth a dollar, and Nader and Kerry are both offering a product for a dollar, and Nader's product looks better, then I'm going to buy what Nader's selling. Simple as that.