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White House Reporter: More Whispers of Looming Martial Law

A White House press corps member gives a chilling view from inside the oval office. See the July 31 entry for details on martial law preparations and internment camps.
The Voice of the White House

In previous issues [of TBRNews], we carried comments from a reporter assigned to the White House press corps. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush's physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. The reporter advised us by email that there was rampant fury in the White House and security was becoming very tight. As a result of this, he decided to lay low for a few weeks and see how the wind was blowing. Yesterday, he sent us the following material which we are now posting. Some of it is outrageous in the extreme but to date, no one has proven him wrong.

July 29, 2004 " First there was your posting of my notes on our sick President and then Capitol Hill Blue just did another number on the same theme. You can imagine the mess around the Monkey Palace today! Now, it appears that there are at least three stool pigeons loose here and they have brought in the FBI and the Secret Service to do damage control. Bush is almost literally foaming, Karl Rove and other great lights are threatening the Patriot Act against anyone who is caught! "This is a wartime Presidency and anyone passing out secrets will be charged!" is the word. All phones are tapped now and all laptops are rudely grabbed and checked for notes, harmless secretaries are bullied and threatened with lie detector tests. In fact, the Head Monkey now want all White House personnel given lie detector tests every week! You can imagine how good this is for morale! Iraq is a mess; Powell says we are in it to stay and that is not a good omen for the November elections. Brother Jeb is setting up another fraud in Florida even though the major media is being very informative. They do not care around here. Legal or illegal, if it will get Bush elected again and guarantee all of them their power-trip jobs, everything and anything goes. Believe me, I know many of the lesser ones around here and the Capitol Hill reportage is accurate and devastating to the entire staff. I understand they are really going in for the lie detector scam and have set up a room in the basement just for this. I am told they are warning the staff that they either take tests or get fired with vague but sinister warnings about violations of national security and long stretches in cells at Atlanta for those who won't make things easy and confess. I and others are not employees and my editor says if they even try that with us, the media will rise up in a body and hang Bush on a White House tree!"

July 30, 2004 "A junior staffer told me this one. It seems her daughter had been injured in a car accident. It was nothing serious and she told no one here about it. One of the senior staff came into her office and asked how her daughter was doing. The woman had only once mentioned this and that on her office telephone to her sister. She compared notes with others and discovered that all incoming and outgoing routine calls are taped and monitored. Ashcroft has been suggesting to the President that somehow the dissident voices in this country need to be silenced. Ashcroft in conjunction with Army Military Police units have prepared a scenario about how to clamp down iron controls here. I have seen a copy of this, which has not been adopted but it does show a mind-set. Certain internet sites should be closed down. These are sites that actively promote : anti-Bush remarks or support abortion, "globalism," "secular humanism," "Satanism," homosexuality, anti-Semitism, or that are anti-Christian, or pro-Muslim and who are critical of such Republican luminary nuts as Tom DeLay and Ashcroft himself. The arrest and expulsion of all Muslim residents of the United States including Americans who may have converted is a strong Ashcroft suggestion. Ashcroft views the Muslim faith as "Satanic" and "evil" and claims that the expulsion of these people will "start the healing processes in America." Ashcroft strongly dislikes African-Americans as well but there is nothing about putting them back in the cotton fields or deporting them. As a Jew, I was delighted to see that Jews would be tolerated and encouraged but with the understanding that they would all convert to Christianity within a given period of time. Maybe Bush and Ashcroft will take a page from Hitler and make all Muslims wear a yellow crescent on their coats! This has very serious implications for me especially as a Jew whose grandparents were harassed and chased out of Germany in 1936, Do you realize that these people are stone nuts? That the President is a nasty, pill-popping sick man who hates everyone and especially anyone who dares to criticize him or any of his policies? At one time, and I have been a witness to this, Bush could be very outgoing and pleasant with staff but not now. Mean looking and snappish with everyone, he uses really filthy language to express his anger. He makes obscene gestures, curses in a loud voice, slams doors, throws books and, once, a paperweight from his desk at a clerk. (He missed) He gobbles pills like Rush Limbaugh and I suspect he is numb most of the time now. The slippery staff's well-oiled machine is starting to make weird noises and Bush cannot tolerate this. "You told me this would work! Goddam it, you fucked up, you asshole! Get with it or get out!" This nice bit I have on tape. Old Georgie was never too well-wrapped but it was kept quiet. Now that the pressure is really on him and he is beginning to realize that large numbers of Americans actually distrust and dislike him, he was first shocked and later enraged. This man does not belong with the nuclear football anywhere near him. He is basically unbalanced and under so much pressure that God knows what he might do. A young secretary told me that one minute she has seen Bush very smooth, very friendly and very much collected and then, for absolutely no reason she could see, turn instantly into a nasty, shouting man who got very threatening and abusive to a military officer whom, she said, was very correct and polite. This frightened her, the suddenness of it, and what was worse, he suddenly switched back to being a friendly man again. This is not normal behavior. I asked her if the Army colonel had been abusive in any way and she said that he certainly had not and she was ten feet away when Bush suddenly started yelling curses. She said there was nothing to explain this and that she never saw a person explode in that way and then go right back to regular conversation just as if he had not called a professional military officer an "asshole" and a "motherfucker" in front of others. The Colonel got very red in the face but said nothing. No one is allowed to ever talk about these eruptions which senior staff put down, in public at least, to the "President's extreme concerns for the safety of the American people."

July 31, 2004: "More info about Ashcroft's desire to put us all in camps for "reeducation as loyal Americans and true Christians." I mentioned Ashcroft's "ideas" about "neutralizing" evil influences in the United States. Here is more. Special U.S. Army units are trained for putting down any kind of civil insurrection. These units are small, very well-equipped and are considered to be the most elite units the Army now possesses. They have not seen any foreign combat duty: They are designed solely as domestic control units. I can give you some interesting specifics and there is a lot more where this comes from.

There are centers around the United States where these units are based. For instance, Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois is one such base. These units have an interesting form of rapid deployment command centers. These consist of what appear to be commercial tractor trailers with such things as the names of well-known moving van companies, or other major corporations such as Wal-Mart or Radio Shack on the sides. These units are not for transporting goods but are prefab command centers. The special units can move these via the highways in perfect safety from a base of operations to a "hot" area where "domestic terrorists" might be operating. These "domestic terrorists" might be peace groups, irate farmers, angry union workers and so on. The mobile command centers move into an area disguised, as I have said, like standard commercial vehicles. Then, when a defense perimeter has been established, the units are put together in squares, four to a side, and these are, in turn, linked together, forming a large, fully-equipped Army center, complete with all electronic gear needed to supervise the command of troops that will be airlifted into the secured area by helicopters. Targets in the "main areas of resistance" will have been identified previously and the incoming troops will be directed to these areas, preferably at night. I want to point out that there are sixteen such bases throughout the United States to include Hawaii but not Alaska. There are standing orders on file, and some have been leaked, as to how to deal with "civil disobedience" in general. Specific orders about individual targets are prepared on an as-needed basis. Also, "Regional Detention Centers" have been designated and prepared for use if and when they are needed. These lie in remote areas such as northern Maine, west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana and eastern Washington state. There are eleven such Regional Detention Centers now prepared for immediate use with prefab barracks, wire perimeters and military positions constructed on any approaches to these very easily supervised camps. Urban areas have been excluded from this program because civilians are under no circumstances to be aware of their existence nor will access from the civilian sector be easy or permitted. (Here, I am quoting from an official overview but minus the weird military terminology) I may move to Israel if this keeps up! Now in all objectivity, merely setting these things up does not mean they will be used... but they can if the circumstances warrant it and Ashcroft and other are bending the President's ear about this. Not everyone is happy about this sort of thing and probably the strongest detractors are, oddly enough, the professional military. That is why Bush is having so much friction with the Pentagon people and others. I am sure Powell doesn't know about this or he would resign. There are many decent men among the military and a very significant number of the senior ones do not like Bush. For one thing, having a Commander in Chief who was a chronic drunk and druggie does not go over very well and Bush has not been making things easier by hectoring and harassing his senior military people. Right now they are complaining but that may change. So might the presidency if it keeps up."

homepage: homepage: http://tbrnews.org/Archives/a1031.htm

Bush is literally mentally ill !? 03.Aug.2004 14:05


I had not read this ( http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a1032.htm) before. This is truly scary. If Bush and Kerry debate, hopefully Kerry can get him off-script.

Christian Reconstructionism 03.Aug.2004 14:45


Readers need to look into these allegations seriously. I wrote an article that can now be found on the sElection section of indymedia. (Why Kerry and Bush are not the same and progressives should be worried) Please read it. I reported about the very scary concept of Christian Reconstructionism -- a concept most mainstream religious and secular americans know nothing about. The above article affirms the worst. When Margaret Atwood wrote The Handmaid's Tale she was writing a warning. When the same ideas start cropping up in such disparate arenas it is a clue that we should pay attention --- where there is smoke, there is fire.

It's all part of the game. 03.Aug.2004 17:32

Tony Blair's dog

The goal is to make everyone so scared of Bush
that they will vote for Kerry "just to be sure
Bush won't be there for 4 more years".

All part of the game and "W" knows about it too.

Keep Your Eye on the Donut, Not the Hole 03.Aug.2004 18:38


If bu$h gets benched, by some palace maneuver or "incapacity" fiat, you know who his replacement is.

blah blah blah 04.Aug.2004 02:39

what the fuck ever

Oh Jesus, like what's going on NOW isn't bad enough?

If you're looking for an excuse to blow off your pointless day-to-day life and head for the hills, just DO it already. Go for it. Let us know how it works out. Some of us already tried that. That's how we ended up in Oregon in the first place.