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Bush might visit Portland in the next couple of weeks!

Bush might visit Portland in the next couple of weeks!
Last night on OPB there was a brief story about the new bill sponsored by Gordon Smith to prevent teen suicide. During the story, they said that Smith is planning on Bush coming out to Oregon to sign the bill in the next couple of weeks. They said the White House did not confirm any Bush trip.

Portland, get ready to rumble...
Get ready 03.Aug.2004 11:25

Auntie Rose

Please refer back to the 8/2/04 post about the city's sit/lie ordinance being renewed. ("Sit/lie, obstruction as nuisance coming back")

Also, please take the time to call/e-mail/write to Mayor Vera Katz and City Council with YOUR concerns that this will be used again to suppress our civil rights to dissent and free speech.

Oh, and get ready to greet the presidential imposter in the usual Portland style.

Laura Bush will be here on the 13th 03.Aug.2004 11:59


After I heard that story on NPR I called Senator Smith's office and asked when Bush would be here. He said that Laura Bush will be here on the 13th. Orginally it was planned for Bush to be here then and sign Smith's bill. But since the House hasn't passed it yet and won't take it up until September those plans changed. HOWEVER, he did say that Bush WILL be here this month. We have Laura, GW and of course Condi( http://www.worldoregon.org/events/tickets.php) coming this month So we should be busy.

don't forget 03.Aug.2004 12:20

Dennis Hastert

Here is a film you might want to show him! 03.Aug.2004 12:37

During quite time.

Make sure he has his meds.

bill kush!! 03.Aug.2004 17:32



with Bush coming back, I wonder if 03.Aug.2004 18:37

the PoPo

will let Jason Sery, Scott McCollister, Robert King & their Rogues Gallery of Cop All-Stars out on the
line to pepperspray a few babies, kill a few minorities and get tough for Bush? What about it Vera?

How do you legislate to prevent suicide? 04.Aug.2004 04:56

What am I missing?

How would you enforce this legislation? Somehow profile those most like to do it, then incarcerate them? Force them to take anti-depressents under threat of jail time?

Smith's son 04.Aug.2004 11:41


I wonder if he realizes his son committed suicide because he was gay and too terrified to tell his homophobic Mormon parents. How about legislating support for young gay people?

ATTN: Indy People 04.Aug.2004 17:00


I think this needs to be on the main page area. If this is true we will only have a couple day's notice. So we should alert people now so they can be ready to mobilize when the time comes.

Maybe next Friday 06.Aug.2004 10:55

Red Emma redemma13@yahoo.com

Today's War-egonian reports that Kerry will for sure be here next Friday (Aug. 13) and that Bush may be here the same day. See my main post on this issue.