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Sick Of LiveBridge?!?!?!?!(I AM)((they Used to Be Telemark))

If you would Like to complain about Portland's "Premier" Outsourcing Company or think, some how, that they are an excellent Company to work for(insert uncontrolable laughter here) Feel free to Join the fun
Well I won't say when me or my room mates started working for Hell(LiveBridge shall be reffered to as such through out this article), as we so lovingly have nicknamed it, because most of us still work there. I , personally started on the LNP Project, and have moved to Customer Care for Veriozn Wireless. One thing I noticed from the time I was interviewed was that everyone who had been with the company more than a year, had very simular personalities. Not too Strange for any work place that is successful, but how do you truely measure the level of a companies success? Well for one, most of the employee's who earn more than $8.00/hr I am sure have been awarded either Golden Kneepads for their Ass kissing abilities, or have done the smartest thing they could. Become a Trainer. I have only one complaint about ONE of the trainers, all the rest that I have had( which now officialy numbers 10), are really cool and laid back.

Now me and my roommates, who also happen to be my best friends, have suffered due to the working conditions there. I am not saying it is a sweatshop, but is damn near it for someone who was raised not only very pro-union, but pro-military, pro-workman's compensasion& health benifits and pro-working for the government( who steals your money regardless but at least provides better benifits.) One of which has suffered such severe migrianes from the stress of working there, that the migraines have literally inabled him to go to work let alone get up in the morning for work. My Other room mate, has gained the wonderful temperment the minute we are off work, at being very snappy, and is short with all within the household. This was never the case prior to working for Hell. I have not only had very very bad migraines, but have also had prior ailments increase in pain and longjevity of them due to the stress and poor working conditions in Hell. This is only my 1st notification that this is a bad company to work for.

My Second indication was that with the recent news of Hell needing to scale down to 280 on the lnp project, forcing people to move from their positions in LNP to care side, and then within 3 weeks, forcing more to do the same scaling down to now 150, that this was not good buisness practices. Forcing may sound a bit strong and like "fightin' words" but I do mean FORCING... When you hear of one Team Leader being Fired, and then 2 more walking out and then 2 more, ( If EJ or Jorge read this, YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME PEOPLE)and Hell Being willing to keep the Supervisor who, has a tendency of making BridgeReps cry,and going out of his way to do so, but has also received MANY complaints in Human Resources, then you know something is up. One such complaint was disregarded as though it was worthless because it was made by someone on the low end of the totem pole. Even during war, a foot soldier is considered valuble.

The Urban Legends that float around hell may only be such, but when you hear not once, but hundereds of times, that you signed an agreement that you would never start or join a union while working there, and you don't remember doing so, it makes you wonder if it's not just the people who run the company that are wicked, but the business practices as well. I pity a dear friend who was just hired for hell, but I can not control the will of others to work for such a place, I can only pray that their sanity will be intact, by the time they decide to get the hell out of dodge.

If you have read any other article of Complaint about Hell, hearing that the Cubicles are tiny, that the rooms in which the cubicles reside are small and cramed full of people, then you have heard correctly. Not to mention, the air conditioning works in the more backward sense, when it is warm outside, it's an OVEN inside, when it's chilly outside, it's a fucking Freezer inside. Now it may be state law that you can not go 6 hrs without having one 10 min break and one half hour break for lunch, they need to realize that we, the bridgereps, who listen to people bitch at us for Verizon's business and contracts, and pricing, and equipment issues, who are forced to provide service with a smile and who are suppose to " ROCK'EM" have a total of 4 phone calls in which to get lunch, relax, have a cigerette if that helps us relax, just so we can clock out of campaigns to head home. 400 seconds is how long we have to talk to each customers, and in a half hour you can get 4 phonecalls( idealy) done and over with. The fact of the matter is most phone calls are over a half hour long because we are trying to provide the best service because we can onle smile so long before we tell the customers to take their LGVX5000 and shove it up their ass because they are too stupid to figure out what the little green telephone button on their " mobile handset" is for. That would be the button you use to send a call..... I have heard of people going 4 hours before they get a 10 min break, and 30 minutes after they clocking in from that, they clock out for lunch, and then 20 mins before they are to clock out to go home, they have to clock out for their last 10 min and then come back in and take calls for 10 mins before they go home..... This is FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!!

If you have been subjected to hell, and wish to join the out cry against it, step forward and take a stand. This can be an anti-Hell Support Group. What ever you call it, Advise your friends, families, neighbors, local political junkies, and anyone else that Hell is in the City, and to avoid it, at all costs. This just might save the sanity amoungst the masses.

Fight a GOOD fight 03.Aug.2004 09:51

99th monkey dancer_dolphin@yahoo.com

Don't just moan, groan, and cry over it and meet with friends after work and bash them while you are getting drunk on cheap beer, as that is all you can afford. I was an employee at Sitel in Hillsboro for over 3 years until the end of May this year when I was fired and denied un-emp for misconduct-related termination. The apppeal hearing last week found in my favor due to the fact that the main contributing factor was that I along with a handfull of others submitted complaints to BOLI about unpaid overtime, time that was required to log on and load applications prior to going available for the first phone call.
I set up a Yahoo Group web site SHITELLER that has been used with anonymous e-mail addresses by over 100 of the 2000 employees since last Sept. to discuss tactics and understand illegality of practices that our employeer was using selectively against the non-brown-nosed sheeple. Feel free to join, as one of the files that is in the site is a word doc. that can be used to send an anonymous complaint to BOLI. Feel free to contact me re other possible tactics or digital forms (union representation petition, etc.) and how to work with BOLI. Going back to work after you have clocked out is BADDDDDDDDDD. Do you have anything in writing about the practice?

ostrich head up ass
ostrich head up ass

no no 03.Aug.2004 13:51


The author wasn't talking about people having to work off the clock, they were talking about people's breaks being ridiculously procrastinated so that they are getting a 10 minute break thirty minutes before lunch, and then getting their last 10 minute break 20 minutes before it's time to go home. This means that the workers are clocking out for ten minutes, and then clocking back in only to work for ten minutes and clock back out again. I agree, it IS ridiculous, but it's not illegal. That's not to say that other things that the employer is doing may or may not be illegal...

I feel your pain 04.Aug.2004 02:31

Take this job and... admin@icemyst.com

You can only bitch so much about hell but people take action. Try working there and you will see. This place is the bottom of the barel. You were lucky to excapt LNP. For some odd reason I'm doing something right to not be asked to be moved to a new project which is now being scaled down to 125 people. 125 people is not enough considering just under 2 months ago there used to be around 300 people staffed for this one project alone. We have lost so many good people one of which being EJ (the most awsome Team Lead on the floor) but I am happy for him due to the fact he found a better place. He excaped the buring pits which funny enough we thought would burn down today but sadly it was some guy outside with a broken weed waker of sorts. And the evil supervisor of the floor who likes to make people cry while at the same time talking out of his ass due to him never being trained on what porting is and what needs to be done. All he does is yell, write people up, tell them no they cant go to the ER, and say "I dont know." Due to the ridiclousness and they way people are being treated there is talk about takeing action against them. They let safy issues slide by, fired people over vaid medical issues, treat people like shit and expect us to act like robots. We are basically not allowed to take bathroom breaks. If we do if goes against our 10 min breaks and those of us who onlt have that really sucks... I know there's more of us out there that feel the same. The more voices we have the more of a difference we can try and make in order to save not only our sanity but any other people who make the misguided choice of working for LiveBridge aka HELL....

Lost In Translation 06.Aug.2004 02:54

Hell's Victim

I understand what you are talking about. I know which emergancy issue you are talking about too, and you would think that they would realize that there are laws against stuff like that. One suggestion I was given by a fellow Victim is that Any one of the employees should call the fire marshal. There are so many code violations with how packed lnp, and care side are for that matter that I am sure the place would be closed down, but that would also back fire, because then they would have to lay everyone off and we would be forced to go on unemployment and I for one, do not have the financial stability to do so. The one good thing about that place is that they do hire a good percentage of fun people. Like that dirty old man in LNP , you know the one with glasses who is bald and will randomly hit stop call just to annoy the "stop call nazi." Or those 2 girls that were friends from high school, one of them wanted to be come a tattoo artist, I think the other was going to become a body piercer or something like that, don't know what happened to them. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the women who are pregnant are barely going to get any maternity leave? I also heard that one of the people who went to the care training a couple weeks ago was in a car accident on the way to training, and because she didn't call in, and he doctor forbid her from returning to work for a few weeks, that she was going to be recycled and that basically meant that she was fired. What's worse is that you know all the people who complain( like me) think it's unfair to us that Corporate buys them selves a big 100 in flat screen for one of the cushy confrence rooms and doesn't bother replacing all the broken chairs, headsets,splitters,cubicles, air conditioning, provide better parking, food, and you know that the floor capacity upstairs is going to break, the way they pack people in there. No wonder they have safety bingo. Well that is just my rant. Join this fight people, If you work there it's a great stress releif!---Hell's Victim

--Car Crash-- 09.Aug.2004 03:04

One day a company will conduct themselfs with Morality.....

Just to clarify "Hell's Victim" comment on the car crash....
1. That girl was carpooling to work with another gentalman from her
Customer Care class; (both came orver from LNP)

2. After the crash, the girl was taken in an ambulance to the nearest
hospital. The man stayed on the side of the road with the recked car
waiting for the tow truck.

3. The man proceeded to call the attendence line... told them the whole
story. Then called the training office. The training office told HIM
that since he didn't go to the hospital, he still need to come in to
work even though he was "pretty banged up".

What hell was debateing was not that the doctor made her take time off, but that the young man and girl did not call in on the day of the collision. Which by what I have just described is completly false.

-- On a side note--
The girl had been working for LiveBrigde for 10 months, almost 11. At 12 months you are eliable for health insurance.

-- A little fishy if you ask me.

LiveBridge Having Morality? HA! 10.Aug.2004 02:36

Take this job and... admin@icemyst.com

Until they start losing serious money they will never realize the horrible stuff that they do even though they did end my 6 months of being unemployed without unemployment pay. After the last fews days though they'll hopefully see the error in sending 35 people to care and 10 to financial since there's been 50 plus people waiting on hold for 2 days in a row... Another nice thing is yes you do meet some awsome people though the bald headed "gentleman" you puts people on stop call (me being one of them) can be very fun except when he puts ya in "after call work" :p But the bad parts make it so hard to go home at night with out heart burn or a migrain and having to worry about some car hitting you cause you bike.....

Same old, same old 21.Aug.2004 01:24

One day a company will conduct themselfs with Morality.....

Well, at the end of this week the "new" customer care class hits the floor. This class started with over 36 people.... It is now only 18. SEVEN of which are new hires. The rest are LNP.

I must say though, the class shows a lot of promise. The two boys did a very good job with training this one.

Surveying - Only good part of my job.

Keep in mind "admin".... they did this for a reason. LNP was staffed at 400 people, and now it is down to 150. Sometimes when a company is making so many in house changes it is because when the story gets put in the paper it always sounds better; that 150 people were laid off rather than 400.

LNP has lost a lot of good people in this past month. And all signs point that is not slowing down one bit. Either they are Well, at the end of this week the "new" customer care class hits the floor. This class started with over 36 people.... It is now only 18. SEVEN of which are new hires. The rest are LNP.

I must say though, the class shows a lot of promise. The two boys did a very good job with training this one.

Surveying - Only good part of my job.

Keep in mind "admin".... they did this for a reason. LNP was staffed at 400 people, and now it is down to 150. Sometimes when a company is makeing so many in house changes it is because when the story gets put in the paper it always sounds better; that 150 people were laid off rather than 400.

LNP has lost a lot of good people in this past month. And all signs point that is not slowing down one bit. Either they are quitting on their own accord... or worst...

Keep a sharp eye "admin"

Loss of Peoples 21.Aug.2004 01:49

take this job and... admin@icemyst.com

Yeah we go from being over staffed to under staffed. The only reason why LNP doesnt get canned all together is due to the fact that Verizon cant afford to loss us. We do a better job than their offical center. The avergae QA score for LiveBridge is 68% while Tennasee's is a little below 30%. These past few weeks have been the first where I havent had to worry about finding a seat but now I have to deal with a higher call volume and more stupid people from Tenn that can barley read supervisor notes tell them NOT to touch a port cause it's being handled by someone else. I like doing what I do for a job but not for LiveBridge not to mention they went one week with have the tampon boxes locked and now oh gee their unlocked again just waiting for the damn thing to hit my friggen ankel again. So this way I can contact OSHA AGAIN and this time they will be doing a full inspection of the building for safty violations.... Oh what it is to work for an employer that says they care about safty by using "Safty Bingo" but when there's a safty issue for them to just blow it off like it's nothing even if it is a bio-hazard..... Any one know any other call centers hiring (excluding HouseHold, ACS, Stream, and Encompas) cause I'm not stressed over the fact that I wont be bonusing anymore due to the new bonus structure and I have more B.S. to deal with...

LiveBridge Sucking Wholly. 27.Aug.2004 11:42


Hey, in case yall didn't know, a website got put up to admire jsut how much LIVEBRIDGE really sucks ass.


Come check it out. Everything's true sadly... and according to BOLI, having breaks spread out to the point where you're working 4 and 5 hours before you get to relax IS actually ILLEGAL. According to BOLI (Board of Oregon Labor and Industries), an employee should recieve an UNINTERRUPTED 10 minute break every 3 hours.

NEW WEBSITE 27.Aug.2004 11:45


Check out the new website where you can voice ALL your opinions about Livebridge. Also know that your identity when you become a member of the forum will stay a secret and will only be divulged if YOU tell someone or by court order, and since this forum is covered under the USA Constitution, you have nothing to worry about. Sign up today. http://www.livebridgesucks.com

dude 31.Aug.2004 11:21


You guys suck! lol You beat me to spreading to word about my baby... :p Seriously though people. This site covers all of the LiveBridges nation and canada wide. It is all anonomous. When you register you dont have to put your real name you just have to have a vaild e-mail address (if need be make a new one with yahoo or hotmail). I need you're helping in voiceing the problems that this company has. It has gotten so out of control that Live Bridge is currently lying to OSHA (a government agency). The stupid servay's they do mean nothing but if we can get enough people on livebridgesucks.com aka LBS then it just might open some eyes and make them go "Well maybe we shouldnt be doing that. They're starting to revolt."

another anti livebridge site 10.Mar.2005 12:22

Gurj Sarohia, Call Center Manager


there is also another anti livebridge site:


Bought Out 19.Aug.2005 00:40

Ice ice@livebridgesucks.com

LiveBridge was recently bought out by ACS!

I worked at Livebridge in Olympia WA and walked out!!! 24.Aug.2010 14:58

Due to harrassment

I worked at Live Bridge in Washington the satellite office and could not believe that they were allowed to color in coloring books while they were working. My group was calling for a long distance program called frontier. Every one had Winnie the Pooh pages taped to their cubicles that they had colored. I was one that actually focused on the campaign ignored what was going on around me as they were throwing a rubber glove filled with water over my head, and I was actually bonusing on the call. Then they had the balls to call me in an office and bring to my attention that my ph was low and they couldn't understand why? I told them they need to focus on the other people not on the phone not even trying who are coloring and throwing water balloons maybe they would know the answer. These people allowed to do this actually started giving me shit on a daily basis and I finally just walked out......

You are not alone! 08.Jun.2012 18:56

Maggie's Farm Employee. davidwayne.mail@gmail.com

Yep. Telemark aka Livebridge aka ACS. Worked there for a year until finally coming to my senses. I was terminated because out of approx. 900 calls, I received three (3) "failed surveys". Now, a "survey" is when they call up one of the people whom you've just spent a half hour with (either explaining how to turn on the phone, or explaining why they have to pay for the time or data they used on the phone), and ask them how they liked the call. Most people are pretty good about it, but there are just a few who feel that $400.00 a month for a phone is too much. Those people give you a bad survey. And when you get a bad survey, you're piece-rate goes down from .22 cents a minute to .15 cents a minute.
That's right, you don't get paid by the hour, you get paid for the time you're on the phone with a customer; piece rate.
The more I think about it, the madder I get.