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New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio

A list of new content that you can stream is available in the text of the article. To get your own show o publish audio content send an e-mail to "salaud(at)riseup.net" with the subject line "PDXRADIO" preferably. Check out the link to the radio page on this article.

Joe Ball

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/pdxradio.shtml

Joe Ball Rocks the House! 02.Aug.2004 23:44


Hey Joe Ball, Salud, PDX IMC Radio,

I just wanted to say THANKS for posting all the great audio online.

The Dead Prez show really kicks ass.

It has been replayed several times on Free Radio Santa Cruz.

The old-school hip-hop set is also very good.

Hopefully *someone* can set up some equipment to *broadcast* the PDX IMC Radio stream in portland.

Keep up all the great work, thanks!!

FRSC tower
FRSC tower

mucho appreciado muchacho 03.Aug.2004 00:22


get down!

thanks for the encouragement....

Joe Ball rocks the party!