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I have an idea!

THe republicrats are posting their whitewash trash on this site.
When the smell is just too bad to take!
When the smell is just too bad to take!
What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

We need people to search out their sites of right wing propaganda and post our thoughts on their sites.

Time to go to work people!

We need everyone to help with links to their web sites and give them HELL!

The time is now!

Are you up to it?
here is one i've battled with before 02.Aug.2004 22:55



they're linked to other "Bloggers for Bush"

class acts

please work on your headline writing skills 03.Aug.2004 09:10



My spelling is not the point! 03.Aug.2004 12:58


But it does clean out the weeds!

"here is one i've battled with before" 03.Aug.2004 16:52


Hey 110! Not only did you battle and fall flat on your face, you got your ass kicked 6 different ways from Sunday. Apparently, you are looking for 2nd helpings, Bub! I'll wait for you to put down that doobie this time...hope it was organic..:)

Please do. 04.Aug.2004 17:35


We welcome the opportunity to debate the issues. Try Front Page Magazine - It has open comments on every article and welcomes debate or invective -whichever you prefer.

don't forget all-encompassingly.com 05.Aug.2004 17:16


please come and argue with us at all-encompassingly.com. we've been around for nearly 18 months and have had some very spirited discussions of contemporary political issues. of course, it is nice when people agree with us, but, in our view, the debate between differing opinions enhances the overall blogging experience.

<a href=" http://www.all-encompassingly.com">all-encompassingly</a>