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Be grateful for Bush

I just heard Jim Hightower speak. He made me realize why I am grateful for Bush.
I just heard Jim Hightower speak. He was funny and witty as always. His most inspiring message was how people around the country are rallying for positive change. Four states have public financing. We have a chance to get it here in Portland. Voters are more activated than they were just four years ago when Clinton was in office.

And who do we thank for this renewed citizen involvement? Who else, George dubya himself. Moron. Half wit. Dry alcholic brain dead and washed rich boy who reads the bible. Yes siree, if it weren't for good ol George W. we would not be nearly as motivated. So it seems like we ought to thank George. And then get over this crazed anybody but bush furor and realize it doesn't matter one bit who is in the White House. The grassroots campaigns are winning because they're local and/or extremely focused on their goal.

The extreme hatred of Bush is blinding us to what or who we are choosing over him. What is Kerry's record? Why during 20 years in the Senate, didn't he show any leadership on any of the issues he is espousing so ardently today? Maybe because his backers like ADM and Exxon Mobil won't let him. Or maybe it's his Monsanto checks. Who knows? But believing that life under JFKerry will be any different is like doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. That's insanity.

I hope Jim Hightower is right and citizens take to the streets and keep the pressue on John Kerry because as a soothsayer I can say this, John F Kerry will win. Will there be fewer deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan? Will the drug wars end on Colombia? Will there really be health care for all? Will the CIA stop smuggling drugs into the inner cities of LA, Chicago and New York?

Yes, thank George for his inspiration. Because thanks to him, more and more people actually know about the CIA and the empire of America. They have taken a peek behind the curtain at OZ. And Georgie Boy is not the only one peeking back at them.
Jim Hightower 03.Aug.2004 00:21

Chris Leck chrisl@dsl-only.net

Image from Jim Hightower's appearance in Portland, Aug. 3, 2004.

Jim Hightower 03.Aug.2004 00:24

Chris Leck chrisl@dsl-only.net

Same as before, but with image this time.
Jim Hightower signing books at the Bagdad(!) Theater
Jim Hightower signing books at the Bagdad(!) Theater

Kerry is not going to win, you need to realize that now. 03.Aug.2004 08:18


Because the Democrats "chose" Kerry (meaning the corporations did and not the people) who does not really represent us, the turnout of the left will not be enough for him, and Bush will win.Bush will pull in his entire base minus only about 1% of the hardest of the hard core right.

Nader, Cobb, and "others" will be somewhere between 3 and 6% nationwide, just enough margin where Kerry does not have the votes.You can already see this in multiple nationwide polling of all types, especially the poll that shows how "enthusiastic" progressives are for a Kerry administration.Those numbers say no matter what 2 to 3% of liberals are not going for Kerry.

So you better be prepared for what if anything you and others will do when Bush wins.

It was the Democrats to lose, and sure enough they are stupid enough to do it...