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The Bellingham Police State

What the hell is going on in Bellingham?
"...bham cops are liars.officer bass has been known to hit skateboarders upside the head with their own boards.officer bass is a black (uncle tom) officer who drives a dark blue volvo late model coupe.he is shaved head, but sometimes wears dark sports type cap.an elderly crippled person told me two cops beat him up.totally harnmless person.bellingham is trying to hide human rights violations by threatenin g and telling total fabrications about people who dont hide their feelings about local vigilante type covert activities.the newspaper bellinghamherald.com never prints stories of street vigilante and police abuses.a jock type guy punched bloody a political street musician and the cops didnt even handcuff the guy.the street musician had a 2 inch wide line of blood running down from his eye all the way tohis neckline.he could have been killed.an african american well dressed young mman got into some minor scuffle or argument but certainly no injuries,and the cop handcuffed the man and had him in the back seat after he frisked him.when they were talking to the jock assaulter they were talking very diplomatically asking him his side of the story blah blah.yeah ,he nearly kills an 'alternative' musician and its good ol boys night out. i guess were not in the KKKlub.put bellingham on the map.dont let the fascist slide."
"...in bellingham wa. yesterday ,in front of mt. baker theater.a man apparently didnt want to get a ticket for something and went off on a cop.he was tazed.when i came upon the scene there was 4 cops practically sitting on the burly t shirted white man.but the thing that spurred me to report this was when one of the firemen 'helping out' told the man to 'keep yuour arm down OR I"LL STEP ON IT!! in a gruff paternalistic tone you normally associate with a cop.the man was already completely subdued and face down in the hot sun.its like the good ol boys of the power structure are ganging together to control all citizens.the terror war atmosphere has mr. fireman getting in on the act. it was kinda freaky to see the bemused expressions on the people waiting to get into the theater to see 'peter pan'.they seemed like they were at a county fair while a man was very nearly being tortured in front of them.the sheep that weve all become.there was some blood on the ground near the man.btw the bham police give hundred dollar tickets for sitting on street planters or the sidewalk .the mt.baker theater is where ann coulter gave a speech and the head of some real estate board or something ,punched a anti racist protester in the face.of course police in bellingham follow black motorists .friends have told me of cops following black visitors when they leave their house."
"...whatcom county sheriff dept. in bellingham wa. just hired the cop who killed black motorist in seattle couple years ago.how many times are people going to read posts like this and put theor heads firmly back up their rears?.another black man killed.nazism racial genocide.are you people out there asleep.cross burning in arlington.teacher racial slurs.something is gonna happen soon.i wont stop applying the pressure covertly..."
"Last week I was sitting outside the Avenue Bread bakery on Railroad Avenue in Bellingham, talking to Lloyd, the black guy who works for US West, and Lee, the other black guy who works at US West. There was a police cruiser at the far north corner of the street, and the officers kept staring at Lloyd and Lee. Finally they cruised slowly by, still staring, then turned back north on Railroad Avenue, still staring in the most overt and unmannerly way. From the running commentary of Bill and Lloyd, this was a routine occurrence for them. My question is, what is it with Bellingham cops and US West? Sure the service has been slow lately, but with all the new development and phone lines to hook up, I'm sure they're swamped. Besides, just think of how arrogant the phone company was before they broke it up into smaller companies. There are many corporations whose employees are much more deserving of surveillance than US West. Lee and Lloyd mentioned that they had heard a rumor that Bellingham had hired a couple of cops from the LAPD, and they seemed apprehensive. I can't understand why. The LAPD has an 80 year history of acting out their prejudices violently. But the LAPD is serviced by Pacific Bell, an entirely different phone company. If true, these two officers are likely to arrive without any operative prejudice at all against US West. But still, it makes me glad I don't work for the phone company." -- http://www.washingtonfreepress.org/25/Humor.html --
Anybody else find anything?
Just not enough thugs who want to be cops 03.Aug.2004 09:59

Usual Suspect

Recruiting cops is difficult because there were only a few asshole thugs in high school to pick from. Consider it at your school there were probably three real assholes and maybe 1000 students. Don't be surprized when killer cops are recycled to small towns 'cause there is just not enough stupid thugs to go around. The real question is when will the population of 1000 finally have enough and resolve to overcome the idiots. I say; do it in highschool because nits become lice.

bham herald 03.Aug.2004 17:50


a young person apparently wrote a letter to bellingham herald(.com) newspaper talking about the ''racial pecking order'' in bellingham.someone wrote a retort poo pooing the idea that there is any double standard in race in this town.gimme a break.iove seen white boys slam their female companions face into a parked car .she was lying on the ground for 20 minutes.the young man weasnt even hand cuffed.while well dressed black man was treated less than animal for nothing even approaching what that white man did.belliongham is just flat out racist.people are scared to REALLY do anything.contasct naacp and black muslims tell them of bellingham.especially since the beltway sniper case is being used to demonize black men.bellingham has to take some responsibility for this alleged crime and the jingoistic sickness and lies of bush and right wing police climate./bellingham is an example of the worst this country has to offer.a white man even called bellingham ''the racist s---hole of the world''.that is not an exaggeration.a visiting black man from overseas couldnt believe it when he was told by a friend that people actually said ''nigger'' out loud on the street.to other peoples of the world this must appear to be a sick twisted nation.bham is the best example of that.

I've lived in B'ham 04.Aug.2004 14:26


and I never saw anything to extraordinary but, that being said, I would believe that it is like any small town with an exceptionally small minority population. Cops are idiots and like most idiots they do stupid things and then try to cover them up which becomes a cycle. Is this martial law? Hardly. Is it good policing? No, but it is probably the kind of policing that the majority will tollerate and encourages. Which is the real point; as our founding fathers are known for saying; "people get the kind of government they deserve". Bad government and bad policing only happen because the soverign permit it to happen. As Americans we do not want peace, justice, equality, and liberty for all...we only want it for ourselves and until that changes we will get what we deserve.

People may like Gucci but they are willing only to pay the price for Pucci and so they get a knock-off of the real article.

BTW...Have you ever lived in Spokane? I have and I can say with certainty that Spokane makes Bellingham look like a lawless recreation center for minorities.