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Homeland Security Training

Knowledge is power; free training offered by HOmeland Security.

Knowing what we're paying for and, yet, not buying.
Citizens can participate in HOmeland Security training which is provided at no charge. This is a great opportunity to voyeer into the tactics and indoctrination of HOmeland Security and to gain some useful informaion about emergency medical treatment and how resources will be distributed in the event of a real emergency.

Is there anyone who would be interested in participating as a peer volunteer and support person. I would like to take the training and then do a report-seminar-debriefing to the community regarding the value of this vital resouce that the government is providing for the defense of Amerika.

The following link discusses the federal grant that funds the program that is actually administered by FEMA.

*** http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/display?theme=36&content=859

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Additionally, there is another program that offers federal grants to faith based organizations to administer federal programs. It would be interesting to attend informational sessions to learn how to apply for these grants and then to try to apply through an Islamic organization.

*** http://www.whitehouse.gov/government/fbci/

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Here is a small excerpt from the web site:

President George W. Bush's Faith-Based and Community Initiative represents a fresh start and bold new approach to government's role in helping those in need. Too often the government has ignored or impeded the efforts of faith-based and community organizations. Their compassionate efforts to improve their communities have been needlessly and improperly inhibited by bureaucratic red tape and restrictions placed on funding.

The White House Office and the Centers for the Faith-Based and Community Initiative -- located in seven Federal agencies -- are working to support the essential work of these important organizations. Their goal is to make sure that grassroots leaders can compete on an equal footing for federal dollars, receive greater private support, and face fewer bureaucratic barriers.

The Office focuses its efforts on the following populations:

At-risk youth
Substance abusers
Those with HIV/AIDS
Welfare-to-work families

Browse through Federal programs serving these and other populations in our grants catalog.

Download an overview of President Bush's Faith-Based and Community Initiative here.
HUH?? 02.Aug.2004 14:41

A. Dummy

What does this mean -- "(***remember to cut and paste these links rather than directly accessing from indymedia)".

Is there something wrong with just clicking??

something to consider 02.Aug.2004 14:54


Well, it's not wrong, but your browser will tell the site you go to that you are coming from portland indymedia unless you've taken steps to prevent it. That my not be what you want.

uh 03.Aug.2004 17:08


Isn't this like free advertising for the Department of Homeland Security? Why is this of indy?