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Cobb / LaMarche Campaign update

David Cobb and Patricia LaMarche are working hard to attract voters and build the party. This is a brief recap of their July travels.
Since you don't read much about Cobb / LaMarche in the corporate press I thought I'd give you a review of their July travels and efforts to grow the Green Party and speak truth to power.

During July, David and/or Patricia were on CSPAN and did a radio call in show in Tampa. They also visited PA (at least 6 stops), Ohio (at least 2 stops), NY (at least 3 stops), Massachusetts, Alabama, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida, Lousianna and Arkansas.

With each stop they garner local media coverage and work to grow the party and elect local candidates.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org

A Question 02.Aug.2004 12:24

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

If Cobb/LaMarche claim their half-baked strategy is all about supporting local Greens, why are the only local Greens quoted on the record at sites like *Counterpunch* are expressing annoyance and disgust with said strategy ?

I think this strategy is nonsense. Nader, asshole though that he may be, is at least a decisive asshole. Either you run for the office or you don't run. Yeesh.

fundraising? rallies? 02.Aug.2004 15:50


You forgot to include Cobb/Lamarche have raised almost $30, 000 thus far and have $5972 in the bank.

It wii be interesting to see what kind of donations the Green Party generates following Cobb's nomination.

Only a few naive Greens take Cobb seriousily, but the Green Party has a rather large donor base. I haven't been able to locate any post Cobb nomination GP financial date. i suspect donations will drop significantly.

At this rate, Cobb might reach his earlier stated goal of a $50,000 Presidential Campaign.

Rallies? thus far, the largest group of people I"ve read about Cobb speaking to was 30.

Cobb/Lamarche/GP is becoming the theater of the absurd.

Political Strategy 02.Aug.2004 16:18

Brian Setzler IamB@riseup.net

You can disagree with the strategy but Cobb is RUNNING for office. He's asking for people's votes and he is campaigning around the country. He's working to get on the ballot where we don't have access, what more do you want?

Cobb isn't asking us to waste precious Green resources on a futile campaign. So Cobb isn't looking to raise huge sums of money. I think the campaign goal is between $100k and $200k to pay for travel, some staff and other campaign expenses. We don't take corporate money so we have to be smart with our resources. Before we piss away money and harm the earth we ought to have some important purpose.

Ballot access is a tool.

I Are A Fugitive From An Unsafe State :p 03.Aug.2004 23:04

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

That's all very stirring, Brian, but it doesn't really answer my question. I don't expect Cobb and/or LaMarche to do a whirlwind tour of Oregon and dine me on champagne and lobster tails. I DO expect them to produce a unified message, NOT to sort of urge me in a *sotto* voice to vote Kerry on account of my having the shit luck to live in an "unsafe state." And I'm still wondering why I should be proud of membership in a party that's kissing the ass of a worthless pile of dog doodle like Kerry. Hell, these people behave like they're gonna' get something from that asshole and his dirtbag of a trainer, Terry MacAuliffe. Puh-lease. If Kerry, were walking down the street, he wouldn't turn his head sideways to spit on a Green who was on fire, and anyone with half a brain ought to realize that. Didn't that pathetic piece of garbage "convention" deliver the message loud enough for you to hear ? Does anyone seriously think that Kerry will be soooo grateful after his landslide [snort] victory that the heads of the Green Party will get to choose from a buffet bar of reforms (IRV, campaign finance reform, etc.) brought to them by a grateful Democratic Party ? If so, they should think twice the next time they're tempted to refer to a Naderite as "delusional."


BTW, would everyone else in Oregon whose ready to join me in puking up their last three meals and several yards of large and small intestine the next time they hear the words "s*f* st*t*," please raise your hands ?

Thank You.