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police are lethal

to those who think a few bad apples dont spoil the bunch.you are the ones with head in sand. as an ex-biker friend of mine said ''the cops are just like hells angels''.they are a gang with their colors and there rules. anybody who would lie and hurt people is not smeone yu would trust.you would not want to hang around that gang.the police are noothing but an illusion,just donut chompin' hormone beef eating stoops. incredibly ignorant of other human cultures and iideas.homogenized whitebred mentality.get over your illusions cops.you are freakin' pathetic.
really 02.Aug.2004 10:09


that picture of black cop slammin protester (front page pimc). that cop is severely fukkkin' up.i am black and i surely got a problem with the white dominators as i think of the horrrs of white domination every day.but when i see black cops slammin people who are trying to express the so called rights that are allegedly here to protect me,well, thats the last straw for me.they are using blacks to brainwash into making them prove themselves to be ''all american''.this country is embarrasing.any kindergarten teacher or high school gym coach should be able to see through this hypocracy of our current social reality.but maybe they are scared.a lot of peope these days in public positions seem to be showing a heretofore unexpressed fascism .firemen ,social workers ,fundamentalist christians etc. and just ''plain average citizens''.