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9.11 investigation

Searching the 9/11 Report-Pt.2

Digging on the Top200 "witnesses", connected with the 9/11 perpetrators


P> August 2, 2004
By Ewing2001

The following list is a compilation of search results (number= hits at vivisimo) from the now updated "Top 200 Subpoena list", also partly based on 9/11 Encyclopedia by ewing2001 (GFP, INN etc...).

The author is willing and ready to testify, that this list includes evidence on active or passive connections and/or members of the real perpetrators of 9/11, ignored by the Sep11th comission. The list also includes ignored witnesses, which could help presenting an unwashed 9/11 report, and clearly show, that 9/11 was NOT the result of negligence or incompetence, but calculated complicity of U.S. Government members and associated intelligence contacts here and oversea.

The author supports the call from the U.S. Green Party for a new 9/11 Investigation and the call from author Webster Tarpley for an Independent International Truth Commission On 9-11

(See also Searching the 9/11 Report-Pt.1.)

The Top 200 Subpoena list for the 911 Commission
(Update: August 1, 2004)

Abbott, Don

(simulated attack on Pentagon Model, late 2000)

Adams, Ron

(Post-War Reconstruction Iraq, Deputy Director of ORHA) 0

Ahmad, General Mahmud

(former head of ISI)
2 Hits "Deputy Secretary Armitage's Meeting with General Mahmud: Actions and Support Expected of Pakistan in Fight Against Terrorism," Sept. 14, 2001.
"September 18, Powell had contacted 58 of his foreign counterparts and received offers of general aid, search-and-rescue equipment and personnel, and medical assistance teams.54 On the same day, Deputy Secretary of State Armitage was called by Mahmud Ahmed regarding a two-day visit to Afghanistan during which the Pakistani intelligence chief had met with Mullah Omar and conveyed the U.S. demands." Test results with Pakistan Bon Graham, -Marc Grossman, Porter Goss =0
Bob Graham =2 (not related to Pakistan)

Ahmed, Atif

(Described as a british mole of the MI5 within "Al-Quaeda")

Al-Amoudi, Mohammed Hussein

(Biz Partner of Khaled bin Mahfouz (->) and owner of Corral Petroleum)
listed as "al Qaeda asso Mohamed Hussein" without any further info (more at link...)

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