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Ridge told in July to issue more specific warnings to increase credibility

"When the government gives warnings without more information about why they're giving them ... that inevitably leads to people questioning whether the timing is a diversion, or politically motivated." Randall Yim, the head of GAO's homeland security division, told Reuters.
The report [by the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress] urged the Department of Homeland Security to give "specific information about the nature, location and timing of the threat, and guidance on action to take."

A failure to deliver specific information in terror warnings can leave agencies unable to gauge risk or develop an effective response, it said.

Hmmmm, could that explain why Ridge is so generous with details on this latest threat?

Rove is savvy enough to know that the timing undermines the President's credibility. Hence the effort to flesh out the warning with "specifics" to try to overcome suspicion and complacency?

I would bet that Ridge is on to them and is leaving because he's been asked to resign.

To read the whole article dated July 12, 2004:

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