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clown stops weenie truck!

Corporate weenies try to push factory farmed sausages on the good people of Portland.
D the C smoking weenies
D the C smoking weenies
Dingo Dizmal the shmanarchist clown saved the day after drinking Panamax's miricle tonic, growing very big, and in a drunken rage smashed a weenie truck dispached from a factory farm owned by Pillflood industries.
Nobody was hurt but a lot of things caught fire and Dingo the clown couldn't help but eat a few bratwursts.
This is Six Slanders reporting for KSUK action news
tsk tsk 02.Aug.2004 12:10


Dingo...shame...shame...your eviction notice for the alberta street residence is pending!!!

that picture 02.Aug.2004 12:42


That picture is totally fake. The flames aren't even real, and Dingo is obviously not receiving light from the same source as the truck. Beware of disinformationalist trolls!

You both make me laugh 02.Aug.2004 16:36

more then this picture

Sparker, that has nothing to do with this picture, and clamydia, we all know the picture is a fake. It's supposed to be funny, not taken seriously. But because you did take it seriously, it makes it even more funnier. More like Beware of People who take EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY. OH, Clamydia, why can't you laugh sometimes and enjoy the creativeness of this picture and the artist who created it. I thought it was hilarious, it's nice to see stuff like this on indymedia once in a while.

Uh, I think clamydia knew it was a joke and 02.Aug.2004 17:31


was parodying what people say on here when someone is spreading untruths about something serious (although protesting factory farmed meat is serious -- www.veganoutreach.com) in this case it's obviously tongue in cheek.

Here is something to laugh at! 02.Aug.2004 19:38

Live and learn

They take what spews from the mouths of monsters as gospel!@

of course I was serious, gawddammit!!!! 02.Aug.2004 23:33


I'm sick of all the disinformation on Portland Indymedia! It's just dismal. Pepto dismal, in fact.

har har 02.Aug.2004 23:44


ah-h-h-h...y'mean dingo, the famous (or infamous)pepto dismal was...joking?...what next? nader actually may get re-elected if this keeps up!!!

When you mess with the clowns, the terrorists win! 04.Aug.2004 17:34

Dingo Dizmal (or the artist formally known as incarcerated)

I try and lighten up the seriousness of world saving and ya slap me in the face (not the good kind of slap) since reading clodmidias post I'm not eating, I can't sleep and I'm not getting the same joy I used to get smoking grass and watching the show COPS.
I'm a shell of what I used to be, I can't even chew gum and ride my bike DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TAKES TO LEARN THAT TRICK?
So Clamidia, I will NEVER share a stolen weenie with you, EVER! unless you ask me to and then I will.
I just hope your face dosn't stick in the expression your post looks like you must have.
D the C