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Don't bash Bush

So said two parties all work for Inside group. Election is only a show to cheat the people.
The two parties campaign are only a hoax drama. In the name of "democracy" it attracts people to watch and join the competition. But the candidate and result are all designated in advance. Innocent people are busy to campaign, to debate, to vote. They don't know they work in vain.

The interest of inside group is for more war in Mid-east. Bush is an obedient horse to his master. That's why he was selected to be president in 2000. That's why O'nelle observed Bush determined to start Iraq war in early 2001. To ensure Bush having a second term, in 2002, they forced Gore to abandon the 2004 election. When there is a black horse cropped up,(Howard Dean rose with anti-war idea) who drew support from public, inside group push out Wesley Clark to block him. When Clark failed in competition, with no convincible reason they pull down Dean by Kerry. So Bush does not have to worry about his rivalry. What Demo has is an incompetant candidate. They also bought an insurance by embedding a hard core follower to be vice president candidate(Edwards). In case unpopular Bush is too weak to win the campaign.

The media blow the trumpet on former president Clinton. Because he openly supported Bush's war policy. He was bribed 10 millions by his new published book.
The high ranking Democratics tone down critics on Bush. They are following the instruction of their master. Bush did nothing good but started an unjust war. Bashing him is no difference to bash the war. That's against the will of inside group. So you see a humble Demo, dare not to touch their rival even in their biggest mass pledge.

DNC: Don't bash Bush: Kerry wants Dems to tone down criticism
By David R. Guarino and Andrew Miga
Monday, July 26, 2004

Democrats are scrambling to tamp down former Vice President Al Gore and firebrand Howard Dean before they step to the convention podium, worried they may embarrass John Kerry with red-meat anger and excessive Bush bashing.

The Democratic National Convention and Kerry campaign staffs are working feverishly to rewrite, polish and tone down speeches submitted in advance of today's convention opening bell.


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