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bellingham martial law

testing ground
i believe bellingham wa. is a testing ground for police state social control.send a posse to covertly check it out.
Proof ? 31.Jul.2004 13:36


why do you say this ? evidence ? what examples if any can you name ?

c 31.Jul.2004 13:46


have namedd and can name more, but these are dangerous times.however i am working on it

Marines Practicing crowd control LIVEin Rural towns 31.Jul.2004 19:01

NBC CBS NEWS 7/31 nightly

News segment of marines practicing manuvers in American towns among regular citizens. Practicing crowd control and marching through with guns and full dress.

This was not a practice this was a test to see how Americans respond to the image of armed troops on the streets. The town was passive and one woman brought her daughter out explaining that she wanted to show the kid there was nothing to scare her. I trust the natural response of dogs and children more than I do 'regular' Americans. Consider for instance the response to a stolen election in a Democracy?

Watch to see if this Marine exercise is expanded to include more towns and urban settings. The best way to create a police state is to ease the population in to it by desensitizing it first to the presence of authority. Consider the television show COPS and the acceptance it has created and its tactic of humanizing cops as regular guys.

Yup 01.Aug.2004 00:26

Jack Ripper

Yup. I caught just a glimpse of the story this evening also. I can't seem to find the story on any the major news websites. I know it's gotta be there. Anyone else been able to find a link to this?

This is an outrage and must be stopped at once. I agree with the comment that we are being conditioned from an array of sources. Especially the fucking TV! Get rid of it! DO NOT WATCH YOUR TELEVISION >>> 24, Cops, Jag, CNN, FOX News, the list goes on and on. All designed to condition the masses for the next event. And now armed troops in the streets... WTF??? We are being setup my friends and I fear there is not a fucking thing we can do about it.

I don't know what this post is about? 02.Aug.2004 12:19

Who what where when

I wouldn't mind going to Bellingham, it is pretty this time of year but it would be for vacation. Except for it's proximity to Canada and the Coast Guard facility located in Blaine I don't believe there is any reason to believe there is unusual security there. The local independent paper the Bellingham Herald doesn't mention anything of special note.

Are you from the Bellingham department of tourism?