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" I EXIST " film about Arab queers today ***LAST CHANCE***5 PM TODAY***

The showing is at 5pm today in room 462 Neuberger Hall at Portland State University, 724 SW Harrison St, downtown Portland Oregon. This is the last scheduled showing of this multi award winning documentary for a while--and it IS worth tweaking your afternoon schedule to see it.
It was very, very favorably received by the 200 or so people who saw it at the June 26th showing. The audience at that time included many people from local universities as well as some prominent people from local media. I don't know whether there will be a panel discussion following the film at this showing as there was June 26th.
I can assure you the film is robust enough to stand on it's own. In a limited way, it might be compared to the PBS production of "Tales of the City", although families and partnered relationships play a bigger role here.


This showing of "I Exist" is part of this weekends Iranian cultural symposium at PSU; excerpt of their description of this documentary:

"I Exist", a documentary about Middle Eastern Gay and Lesbians in the US

Join us in viewing this documentary about Gay, Lesbian and/or Bisexual people of Middle Eastern descent who live in the United States.

The rare opportunity to discuss this particular topic should be of interest to both, Middle Eastern and other communities. There are very few if any occasions to access real information and discuss issues around homophobia in Middle Eastern circles. Many people of Middle Eastern origin maintain a code of silence around homosexuality, while at the same time Gay, Lesbian, Trans- and Bi-Sexual community members are subjected to government and society-sanctioned brutal and often deadly oppression in the countries of their origin. At the same time a large sector of mainstream society in the United States looks at people from the Middle East as a homogeneous body of ‚??other than us.‚?? The documentary ‚??I Exist‚?? brings a human face to the reality of homosexuality in Middle Eastern communities and shows how a diverse
range of people and their families struggle with and overcome homophobia.

Iranian Festival is presented by Andisheh Center and co-sponsored by Iranian American Professional Society of Oregon, Iranian Womwn Association of Oregon, Portland State University's Middle East Studies Center, KBOO's Persian Programs and Voices of the Middle East, and other private contributors that are listed at www.andisheh.org

Goudarz Eghtedari hosts the "Voices of the Middle East" on KBOO 90.7 fm in Portland, OR every second Thursday from 6-7 pm. For previous interviews go to