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government selection 2004

Nader Accuses Democrats of 'Dirty Tricks'

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, an independent candidate for U.S. president, has blamed Democratic party for its efforts to keep him off the ballot in a number of states. The liberal activist, campaigning in California Friday said he hopes to have his name appear on most of the 50 state ballots in November.
Voice of America

Los Angeles
31 Jul 2004

Democrats are challenging Mr. Nader's efforts to get on the ballot in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other states where his supporters are collecting petition signatures. Mr. Nader blames Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe for the effort, but has this message for the party's presidential nominee John Kerry.

"Call off your dogs," he said. "Stop engaging in dirty tricks, or you will be held responsible for those directly."

Mr. Nader claims Democratic tactics include "harassment" and "abuse" of those collecting signatures, and scrutiny of petitions in a search for irregularities. He also accuses Democrats of packing a Nader rally in Portland, Oregon, then refusing to sign a petition to get Mr. Nader on the ballot in that state. He says the tactics may not be illegal, but he calls them unethical.

Many of Mr. Nader's former supporters are grudgingly giving support to Democrat John Kerry as only candidate who can beat President George W. Bush this year. And many Democrats call Mr. Nader a "spoiler," accusing him of drawing votes away from Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 election. Mr. Nader won nearly three percent of the votes nationally that year, enough of them in Florida, and possibly New Hampshire, to swing the election in Mr. Bush's favor.

The independent candidate says he is puzzled that Democrats blame him for Mr. Gore's defeat. He points out that Republican George W. Bush won far more Democratic votes in the 2000 election than he did.

Mr. Nader says his polls shows him with the support of at least five percent of voters in this year's election. He says that should be enough to give him a place in the presidential debates, but it will not. The debates have a threshold of 15 percent, which he says is yet another sign that the two major parties control the election process.

He says both parties rate poorly on issues like health care, workers' wages, and what he calls the "bloated" budget of the U.S. military. He says he would impose a six-month deadline for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, while the major candidates oppose any deadline.

Mr. Nader ran for president under the Green Party banner in 1996 and 2000. He is running as an independent this time, although in a number of states he is a candidate for the small Reform Party. He parted ways with the Greens this year partly because of a decision by party officials to tone down their activities in so-called swing states, where the vote is closely divided, to give Democrat John Kerry a better chance of winning.

Mr. Nader says, however, that he and vice presidential running mate Peter Camejo will stay in the race, despite what he calls the "whining" of Democrats.

"The ticket is here to stay to give voice to millions of Americans who want the opportunity to vote for the Nader-Camejo ticket," he said. "It is here to stay to elaborate the agenda of progressive, responsive, clean politics in our country, as if people mattered first and foremost, and as if corporations were our servants, not our masters."

Mr. Nader says that he and his running mate will campaign in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., unlike the targeted efforts of the major candidates, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Bush, who will focus on swing states like Ohio, Missouri and Michigan.

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Nader letter to Terry McAuliffe re dirty tricks 31.Jul.2004 00:53

Ralph Nader

July 30, 2004

Terry McAuliffe, Chairman
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Mr. McAuliffe:

I am writing to request that you stop Democratic Party officials, state Democratic partisans, corporate lobbyists, and law firms from inappropriately and maliciously taking steps to keep the Nader-Camejo ticket off the ballot. I was disturbed to read press reports from the Democratic Convention that indicated sessions were held at the convention to plan a national campaign to keep Nader-Camejo off the ballot and limit the choices of voters.

As this coordinated conspiracy by the Democratic Party to keep Nader-Camejo off the ballot unfolds, you should be aware that these efforts will all land at your door. Among the actions taken by the Democrats:

Harassment, threats, and abuse of Nader-Camejo petitioners
Attempting to spoil a ballot access convention in Oregon by sending Democrats in to fill the room and undermine the convention by swelling the numbers and then not signing the petitions
Using Howard Dean to keep us off the ballot - even though on July 9, in a debate with me, he said: "I refuse to participate in anything like that, because I don't appreciate that. Some of my former staff members are doing that. I told them I wasn't going to have anything to do with them." Yet when the Nader-Camejo Campaign held ballot access conventions in Oregon, Dean, according to reporters, called reporters on both days in order to suppress turnout
Using state employees, contractors, and interns who work for the State of Illinois' Democratic Speaker of the House to review and challenge signatures on Nader-Camejo ballot access petitions
Hiring corporate law firms to harass our ballot efforts on frivolous and technical grounds
I am writing you to once again request that you disavow these dirty tricks and tell Democratic Party officials and their allies to stop their efforts to keep the Nader-Camejo Campaign off the ballot.

I look forward to your response.


Ralph Nader

R's rule 31.Jul.2004 07:37


Can the pot call the kettle black? Oh yes, the democraps are REALLY worse the then R's in the dirty trick category. After all, wasn't it the democraps who brought us the theft of Carter's debate notes,
the back-room deal with Iran to hold on to the hostages for more weapons than Carter was willing to give them? Wasn't it the democraps who had to have their dirty little war in Nicaragua after the Boland amendment prohibited it? Wasn't it the democraps responsible for telling saddam hussein that "the US has no opinion on your plans to annex kuwait? Wasn't it the democraps who thought 911 was such a c=good idea they had to let it happen?
Yes, the democraps SUCK. Yes, the democraps play dirty politics. Putting the democraps in context, they are assholes-second rate assholes.
Look who's doing all the funding and legwork to put (millionaire) Mr. Nader on the Ballot. Rupert Murdoch. Dick Army. Tom DeLay. The most desperate, first line assholes you'll find in the entire capitalist party.
I voted for Nader in '96 and '00. 2 days ago, I covered up my 2000 Nader for president that wouldn't come off with the "IMPEACH BUSH" sticker I got a couple years ago, but was too afraid to slap on my bumper at the time. I don't like kerry, no way I'd advertise him on my bumper, but bushco must go.
Pascale's argument states that, if confronted with a lousy choice, where one alternative offers certain failure, and the alternative offers a slim hope of success, only a fool would choose certain failure.
You Nader supporters are completely deluded, and doing the worst side of the capitalist party's work for them.
In OO, we packed the colesium for Nader. In 04, he didn't even have enough support in his greatest stronghold, Multnomah county, to get nominated in a convention where there were as many (dirty trickster) republican trolls voting for him as dirty trickster democratic trolls not endorsing him.
Nader is finished. He has no support, he doesn't attack the R's for any of their bullshit. He had not a word to say about 911, the war, or bushco profiteering. Nader is the ultimate troll.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good persons to do nothing. There should be a corrolary the evil can triumph even faster when progressive persons are tricked into doing evil's bidding. Nader does all progressives a desservice by helping bushco divide and conquer.
If Nader were serious about getting bushco out of office and doing the country some good, he'd be lobbying kerry for a nomination to the supreme court in return for his support.
I used to consider nader a hero. Now I consider him a dangerous, divisive nut-case. I guess the 500 out of 10,000 people in portland who STILL genuinely believe in nader can amuse themselves preaching to each other via indymedia, but you'd do more good working on any other issue than supporting this charlatan.
Whatever my ballot reads, it's not a vote for kerry. it's a vote against bushco. That is all.

Say, glassguy... 31.Jul.2004 10:48

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

"Whatever my ballot reads, it's not a vote for kerry. it's a vote against bushco. That is all."

Ummm... sure, whatever, pal. Does that mean that if I leave that area of my ballot blank, an action that seems more and more like the only proper "choice" in the midst of all this insanity, you will be gracious enough to interpret it ONLY as a vote against the entire system ?

Truthfully, I could give two cents about who people vote "choose" in this Presidential election. The "choices" are all terrible. I care much more about what they will do the day after the election to change our system so that these sorts of asinine "choices" aren't our only option a decade down the line.

I get it. I understand. People are terrified of Bush. I understand fear. What I don't understand is this rancid mix of both fear and a maddening complacency that seems to infect Leftists and liberals (especially the more-degreed-than-thou crowd on *The Nation* and its ilk) like some kind of virtual mange.

The same people who claimed they were furious at Nader for not running in the Demo primaries are the same people who declared Kucinich dead in the water about three minutes into his campaign.

The same people who claim that fear of a Right-wing Supreme Court is the uhhh... "Supreme" arbitor of how one should vote are the same people who don't want to hear about how Kerry and Gore have both hopped into bed with the Right Wing (including Right wing Supremes) far too often in the last twenty years.

The same people who claim that Nader doesn't spend enough time lambasting Republicans are the same people who threw a tantrum when *The Nation* ran an article of his that did just that, threatening to cancel their subscriptions because Nader was clearly the Devil incaranate for his failure to publicly commit suicide after Gore threw the election.

Oh, and they're usually people who, like you, ignore all the speaking Nader has continued to do in the last four years against Repubs. Or else suddenly forget the existence of the corporate media when they claim to be examining why they have not heard of what he's said. As if the corporate media is going to show up en masse for Nader or anyone else who wants to rake corporations over the coals. Ummm... hello ???

Nader may be an asshole, but he's about the only one in this election or the last one saying things that must be said. If reform-minded folk think he's an asshole, why aren't they working for a candidate who has Nader's nerve but isn't so much of an asshole ? And if that candidate doesn't exist, why be down on the Nader supporters for rallying behind him ? Why not be furious with the system that allows ONLY assholes to say and do what Nader does. Besides, it isn't as if Kerry (or Bush) was really a nice guy. He's just a more subtle form of asshole than Nader, with a different agenda. He can afford to be "nice," to wrap himself in a shell of "civility." He has back-up that Nader can only dream of.

If we Lefties and libs who are busy declaring Nader to be Satan spent less time worrying about who calls *US* assholes (or "unpatriotic" or "unrealistic," etc.) and if we really got in the trenches against ALL oponents of the democratic process, including those who pose as our friends, maybe we'd get something constructive done for a change. Maybe we could finally ditch the "closed shop" that puts us at each other's throats election after election.

Sometimes I fear that most liberals and Lefties really don't want a crack at real power, such as sincere election and campaign reform might really bring. I fear they are happier playing embattled saints against impossible odds. Why are we so afraid to build ourselves a process in which, at last, we'd have no choice but to risk real failure in the real world, as well as real success ? Why are we so afraid of the chance to put up or shut up, at last ?

IOW, I don't care very much who you're with the first week in November, glassguy. I care what you want to do the second week of November. Regardless of whether it's Bush or Kerry who wins, or if there's an election at all, November is only the beginning. Will you be there afterwards ?

keep wishing 31.Jul.2004 10:56


"Whatever my ballot reads, it's not a vote for kerry. it's a vote against bushco.

Actually, your vote for Kerry is the same thing as putting a huge sign on your house saying to politicians, pollsters, and all interested people:


Don't lie to yourself that voting for Kerry will be looked at as anything but your endorsement for each and every one of these positions. You don't get to call demographic social scientists up and whine, "But I didn't mean those other things I voted for, I was only voting against Bush!"

All you do is cast the vote. The way your vote for Kerry gets read by others is beyond your control.

The Democrat's Biggest Dirty Trick... 31.Jul.2004 11:12

Run, Ralph, Run

Is running a clone of Bush for President.

Vote for Cobb / LaMarche 31.Jul.2004 11:56


The Greens are on the ballot here in Oregon with a gender balanced ticket. We are the pro-peace, anti-corporate choice for smart independent voters.

I can understand not voting for Ralph since he won't be on the ballot and his candidacy doesn't make much sense. Conversely, Cobb / LaMarche have a sensible strategy to grow the Green Party, attain more ballot lines for future elections and to help elect local candidates which now number of 200 here in the US.

The US Green party is part of an international party and movement represented in over 100 countries. Support the Green Party for real change!!! It won't happen without you.

"Whatever my ballot reads, it's not a vote for kerry." 31.Jul.2004 12:27


it's a vote for

SKULL & BONES - the ONLY "choice" in '04
SKULL & BONES - the ONLY "choice" in '04

Lies about Nader 31.Jul.2004 14:08

George Bender

The Nader campaign is not working with the Republicans. Some Republicans have contributed money to the Nader campaign, as individuals. They also contribute to the Democrat campaign. This is the way it works in America: the rich people throw money at any campaign they think will do them any good. I don't blame Nader for accepting the money. What is he supposed to do, say he's going to be more pure than the Democrats and Republicans and give a lie detector test to all contributers to see if they actually believe in what he believes in? Do background checks? This is absurd.

The Nader campaign does not control Republicans and has no way to keep them from gathering signatures to put Nader on the ballot, although the Oregon Nader campaign is looking into legal remedies to try to stop them. Whether that has any chance of working I don't know. Speaking strictly for myself, I'm so sick of the Democrats' dirty tricks to try to keep Nader off the ballot, in as many states as possible, that I would be willing to accept the Republican-gathered signatures to put Nader on the ballot. And if the Democrats don't like it, fuck 'em. We're enemies anyway.