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Why You Should Vote for Kerry

As progressives, we know that the democratic party does not offer a real alternative to the military-industrial complex, a class-based society segregated by wealth and privelege, or even a foreign policy seemingly grounded in imperialism. In spite of those very dark truths, here is why you should vote for Kerry.
As progressives, we know that the democratic party does not offer a real alternative to the military-industrial complex, a class-based society segregated by wealth and privelege, or even a foreign policy seemingly grounded in imperialism. In spite of those very dark truths, here is why you should vote for Kerry.
For a long time I have been apathetic about politics and the 2 party system in our country because I believed there is little difference between the democrats and the republicans (see the summary above). However, I can thank George W. Bush for snapping me wide awake and out of that apathy. As the last 4 years have shown, there is a big difference between the two parties. The Bush administration has obviously taken many steps in the wrong direction for our society.

They have:

* degraded existing environmental laws
* encouraged corporate welfare and corruption (i.e. enron, halliburton, etc)
* attacked our civil liberties (i.e. the patriot act)
* launched a war of choice, most likely to acquire control of Iraq's oil
* are attempting to "privatize" social security
* turned a record budget surplus into a record deficit (i.e. as a nation we now have large debt)
* harmed our economy (over a million jobs lost)

If they are given another 4 years in office, God only knows what's next. The civil liberties we are taking for granted may be eroded even further. What very few social programs we have left may soon be gone. The gap between the rich and poor (which is now at record levels) may grow even further. Are you getting the picture here?

John Kerry and John Edwards will very likely help us out with regards to many of the points listed above. In his speech last night, Kerry flat out stated that he wants to invest in alternative energy sources and free our country from Mideast oil and dependence on the Saudi royal family. He promised flat out not to privatize social security. He did make me feel a little nervous about his view on the military (i.e. increasing the size by 40,000 troops), but let's face it: the people of our country want to have this military might. I personally don't have a problem with it if it were used only for defense instead of imperialism.

At any rate, I am starting this thread to open up discussion on this. I know that as progressive we all wish to see much greater social change occur, but remember, stable change can occur incrementally if we get involved and try to create that change by working within our existing system. Thanks for reading, and please post a thoughtful response if you want to. Don't bother to post a bunch of hateful stuff though, I think we can all agree that's counter productive.

RD 30.Jul.2004 18:17


Are there any Supremes that are going to retire in the next four years?? If so this may be a reason to vote for Kerry.

PS I agree with your Hate need not apply statement.

Oh, and I almost forgot 30.Jul.2004 18:23


The Bush administration has also completely ignored (and maybe even encouraged) the health care crisis in the country. Kerry and Edwards sound like they are seriously going to make steps in the right direction to help people in need get some health care.

anybody's but 30.Jul.2004 18:35


I mean no disrespect, and I agree that civility is a must, but I can't help but see this as just another anybody but bush argument, with nothing new added. I hope you are right RD and Kerry turns out to be sincere and will act on his promises. But I have some strong doubts for all the reasons listed on other posts. The main one boils down to follow the money. Who is backing Kerry and what do they want in return? I will research that and get back to posting what I learn. But it's a safe guess that he is taking his campaign money from most if not all of the same players as Bush. How can we not conclude that this will effect his decisions--on health care, on the environment, on war and peace and justice? It is like the old saying insanity is when you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

The hope lies in being part of and helping to accelerate the awakeining of our fellow Americans. We can't count on John Kerry or George Bush because they are just too compromised. Maybe a miracle will happen and Kerry, unlike Clinton or Carter or Johnson will fulfill his promises. From my point of view, that just looks like delusional thinking. But I do appreciate you bringing up the subject for debate.

ABSkAB 30.Jul.2004 18:52

Dump Elitist Frat Boys

Anyone But Skull and Bones

DNC go home 30.Jul.2004 19:01


Wednesday a canvasser from the DNC knocked on the door. I told him that the convention 'show' was going to cost then two votes of the two votes in the house. He tried to defend Kerry but keep saying "Yea I know but ... is better then bush. How? He didn't vote against ... We all know the arguments.

I feel the Democrats are using the extortion of four more years with Bush. So for me what it comes down to is how many less people in the world will be killed by America if Kerry is king instead of George.

Maybe it is a bandaid on a burn victum.

stick to solid points 30.Jul.2004 19:13


Bringing up the war and the patriot act doesn't help the case for Kerry since he voted for both, not to mention every other bill for reducing civil liberties under Bush and Clinton. Corporate welfare is another one where the democrats don't have much to offer. They have not shown any interest in stopping corporate welfare, and why would they, the same corporations funding Bush are funding Kerry. The environment is mixed at best, given the terrible environmental legacy of Clinton (and democrats under Bush). If I were you I would focus on the deficit, jobs, and add in Kerry's proposal to raise the minimum wage. Call him the "throw you a bone" president.

Tyranny... no thanks... 30.Jul.2004 19:31


I urge you all to understand that this is about collectivism. This ideology is ANTI-AMERICAN and has nothing to do with sovereignty, freedom, the Constitution, or rights. Kerry is only going to continue in the policies of tyranny, martial law, economic slavery, and cannon fodder for all the 'dumb animals worthy only to serve the elite in their conquest of global tyranny.

I didn't hear him being outraged by the 'free speech zone' and if anyone votes for him, or Bush they are throwing away the votes to people determined to take this country down to depths of dispair, poverty, disease, and genocide.

Anyone who is still caught in the concept that there is a difference in the Blue v Red are brainwashed.... indoctrinated to the point that thinking outside the box is impossible and the lies and deceptions of the Orwellian double speak has become these ignorant one's truth. It is you people who are voting in tyranny and taking our country down. Your ignorance is not bliss. Your unconsciousness is slavery. Your fear is your master.

I say to you.... 'go lick the hand of your master ... you are not worthy to be called a countryman'.

Kerry, a man of treason. Bush, a man of treason.... don't you get it... There is no choice in the red or blue teams... it is all a lie. It is treason, deceit, fraud, criminality. Let's face the truth before we are under martial law.

RD 30.Jul.2004 19:56

Tyranny? Maybe. Martial Law? What about Total Chaos?

You know, I've been thinking about this some. Although the fear of Fascism and martial law are real, there is another extreme you have not considered Pleiades. What about total disorder and chaos? You think complete freedom in society will be a good thing? I say no. Why? Because it will lead to many gangs of thugs roaming the countryside preying on the weak. You know it's true. I don't like militant authority any more than anybody else, but I don't want to be subjected to the mercies of thugs either.

Think about the evolution of the human species and human nature, which has led to the state of social development that we're currently in. The reason people always resort to weapons development is because if they don't, they end up being the victims of others who do. There has to be a compromise here! My bet is you would be less happy with a society completely lacking in law and order than the one we have now.

Also...maybe it's true that we are "indoctrinated"...but so are you! You know why? Because you were born and raised in this society too--and it's impossible NOT to be indoctrinated into your own social system whether you like it or not. Now, I respect your views but I think that you need to re-think the proper path we should take to acheiving the just social order we all wish to see.

RD 30.Jul.2004 21:12

Health care

"The Bush administration has also completely ignored (and maybe even encouraged) the health care crisis in the country. Kerry and Edwards sound like they are seriously going to make steps in the right direction to help people in need get some health care."

Ask me if I care. I got my trust fund!

I don't want to vote for Kerry or Bush 30.Jul.2004 21:33


If it has to be either Kerry or Bush, I figure that there is at least some hope that Kerry would be some improvement over Bush. For example, Kerry seems to be of normal intelligence and would not make a complete fool out of himself the way Bu$h does. However, Kerry wants to send more troops to Iraq and maintain the imperialist occupation there, and that alone loses my vote. This war is an outrage. I'd like to think that Kerry would at least listen to the American people, a majority of whom are now opposed to the war, but I don't have confidence that he would. Even the convention delegates at the DNC were overwhelmingly opposed to the war. So who does he think he's representing? I also don't agree with him on NAFTA, WTO, and same-sex marriage (Kerry is opposed to same-sex marriage.) Therefore, I don't plan on voting for him. I don't feel he deserves my vote.

I considered not voting in this election, or writing in "None of the Above". At this point I'm leaning toward voting for Walt Brown, the Socialist Party candidate. He'll probably receive such a small number of votes that my vote for him will have little or no impact on the outcome of the election. I can vote in accordance with my conscience, though.

All in all, I think that activism has more real effect than the electoral process. And, the choices we make in our daily lives have results, things like anti-consumerism, environmentally conscious living, war tax resistance, engaging in mutual aid, and overcoming racism, sexism, classism & homophobia.

Vote for Cobb / LaMarche 31.Jul.2004 13:20



I sympothize with you. Did you know that the first elected official in the US to marry gays was a Green? How about that the first elected official in France to marry gays was Green?

Greens are guided by principles of justice, peace and sustainability. We accept no corporate donations so we aren't beholden to corporate interests.

I can't vote for a pro-war, pro-corporate pig like Kerry either. I'll feel good when I cast my vote for who I want and someone who has similar values.

Check out www.votecobb.org.

Be more positive! 19.Aug.2004 17:18

person trying to write report!

You should not only say bad things about what bush has done you should also say some good things that he as a president has done.