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Direct Wal*Mart Protest 6:30pm SE 82nd TODAY

Free marching band music will stroll the pavement outside our nation's largest labor oppressor.
Watch for elderly security confusion!
Admire the bewilderment and annoyed consumers hunting for bottom dollar bargains!
Come and join the festivities! Bring an istrument, and some sneakers!
Walk the Wal*Mart walk
before we're chased awayyyyyyyyyyy
how about a few days notice 30.Jul.2004 20:40

red suspenders

a few days notice would be nice. I would have liked to be there...

Whirlmart 31.Jul.2004 00:58


Woody and friends might already know about "Whirlmart". a googlesearch on that word will get you started. Also, below is a website for inspiration. This should be in the tactics menu. it's especially appropriate for BuyNothing Day (day after thanksgiving)--the biggest retail grossing day of the year. walk off that big meal by "shopping" with your many friends, keeping the aisles in grid lock and piling the carts full.

For More Discussion Of Issues Like This 31.Jul.2004 12:19


LibertyForum.org, like Indymedia is an absolute gold mine when it comes to discussing and posting news and commentary for the world to see.

Liberty Forum has almost 6,000 registered users and is gaining from 10 to 20 new users signing up each day.

Only one rule exists there, and that is that you CANNOT name the real name and/or location of a fellow poster UNLESS he or she has done so first on the open forum for all to see.

If you break that rule, then you will be banned.

Hope to see yall at Liberty Forum!