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Tre Arrow granted refugee status

Unclear what impact this will have. Any attorneys who can submit an analysis?

Interesting how the media was so eager to call Tre an 'eco-terrorist' in the past when the FBI was actively spoonfeeding them that line, and now he's more often called an 'environmental activist.' It has become clear that the FBI and media unfairly biased the case against Tre by using the 'T' word so loosely for accusations of vandalism. Its a very real thing that Tre can't get a fair trial in the US.
Panel grants Arrow's request to seek refugee status in Canada

The Associated Press

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) Jailed environmental activist Tre Arrow, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, will be allowed to apply for refugee status in Canada.

After the recent ruling by a Canadian immigration and refugee board, Arrow's lawyer is applying to have his client released on bond.

But attorney Rudolph Kischer said Arrow would probably immediately be re-arrested on an extradition warrant, which takes precedence over the refugee claim.

Arrow was arrested in Victoria, British Columbia in March on charges of trying to steal bolt-cutters from a home-improvement store.

In Oregon, Arrow is wanted for his alleged role in the 2001 firebombing of logging and cement trucks. The FBI claims he is associated with the Earth Liberation Front, which has claimed responsibility for dozens of acts of destruction over the past few years.

Arrow faces federal charges in Oregon of using fire to commit a felony, destroying vehicles used in interstate commerce and using incendiary devices in a crime of violence. The charges carry combined penalties of up to 80 years in prison.

Arrow, 30, contends that he wouldn't get a fair trial in the United States because of the FBI's assertion that the crimes he is accused of are acts of terrorism.
Holy Misleading Headline Batman! 30.Jul.2004 17:54


Tre has certainly NOT been granted refugee status - he's been allowed to APPLY... which incidentally, was the case on July 12th. It may take years for Tre to actually become a refugee, if that's ultimately the decision of the Canadian authorities.

Robin 30.Jul.2004 18:12


You are right. But this means you will have to fire up the batmobile to see him in Canada and not some America hell-hole prison. Right.