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The Blog is now the happening thing. Regular people are now quoted by newspaper, magazines and Alt-weaklies! I say right on and cool(kewl) lol!
That being said....................
First of all before I give you my theories about this phenomenon I have some
Blahblah assuming of course the inevitable confluence of the important smells blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
It seems that that is the reason for that which is why
What exactly IS the deal with concrete? I mean really, is there a hidden agenda
My real views are not fictional books sold at the check out counter of the new Safeway!
The seed of journalist fervor 31.Jul.2004 09:05


Interesting, after my breakfast of a toasted sesame seed muffin and boiled parsnips, I thought to myself ... ... well here goes another day. I then got up to stretch, a wonderful stretch such that my cat was envious lololololololololololololol.
It was at this time that I thought, should I decide to either floss my teeth or wash my face.
Now flossing ones teeth is a good thing of course, but, well is there any other way to get a day going than washing ones face? But which to do first? You can imagine my decision conundrum. Life is full of difficult decisions, but I knew at that moment that I had to decide right then and there.
I'm not going to tell you what I decided (I'll save that for later), but all in all it worked out just fine.
I read in the paper that it was going to be warmer than yesterday and thought ,,,,,,now that is interesting. Warmer than yesterday,,,,,,,,,,,,that is almost a song lyric,,,,, "Oh la la lol la la it will be warmer than yesterday" . I wonder if getting a copyright on original songs lyrics is that:
(1)Hard to do
(2)Expensive to do.
Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it was at that moment I realized; I needed to brush my teeth! And as I reached into the bathroom cabinet for the paste (tooth) it occurred to me that one of the benefits of old age must be not having to brush your teeth because you have dentures. And then I thought of those who spent years taking care of their teeth probably still had most of their teeth and would therefore still be brushing. When does the decision of consistent brushing become amenable to precision contemplation? Alas another decision looms for all of us in the near future,,,,,,,,,,,,well some of you are nearer than others of course , but you get my general meaning I'm sure.

I washed my face first 02.Aug.2004 12:03

a clean J.

Well it was washing of the face, of course, how could any one floss their teeth before washing your face.
For one thing the process of washing your face also cleans your dirty hands; so in essence your are, as, Socrates used to say "Killing two birds with one stone" although technically you aren't killing anything, it is just a process of completing two tasks at the same time, or completing those tasks one after the other, because you can't really complete two tasks at the same time, unless of course you wanted to clear some space in your freezer and wanted to have a frosty iced tea at the same time.
Therefore taking the ice tray out of the freezer space and taking the cubes out of the tray and into the glass for the tea would be completing two tasks at the same time, that being said, a person (male or female) would have to use ALL the cubes in the tray to accomplish completing two tasks at the same time.
If one was to use only a few of the cubes, one would have to put the remaining cubes in the tray back into the freezer, leaving one with only one task accomplished that being the art of the quench of thirst.
There are two ways this would/could be different though:
1) If = and this is a big if = there were only a few cubes in the tray then voila! You can indeed complete the two tasks at the same time. Those few cubes would happily slide down your (and this is important) TALL glass and your empty ice cube container would sit on your counter waiting to be washed and put away. OR... ... ... ... ... .
2)You could invite some people over and serve them cool refreshing drinks. With each tray yielding 14 cubes and each refreshing drink accepting 3 cubes you could invite 3.5 people over besides yourself... ... .or... ... ... ..invite less people and have more refills of the refreshing drinks.
Any way the end result is... ... ... ... ..killing three birds with one stone!!! That's right (1. Clearing space in the freezer(2. Enjoying a frosty refreshment(3. And visiting with those friends you haven't seen for awhile and need to see because your mothers play bridge together and word is getting around that maybe the kids don't like each other.

Inre; to washing of the face and the cleaning of the hands, it COULD be considered completing two tasks at the same time, but there is a amount of time between the cleaning of the hands and the finality of the washing of the face. It has never been measured in exactitude and is a informative watermelon just waiting to be pitted.
I hope this helps.

02 August 2004--Middle Class Teen Girl Blog dot Com 02.Aug.2004 13:25


Oh I am sooooooooooo bored today. My BF comes home this week I AM SO EXCITED!maybe we will go to the ice rink at llyod ctr. once when i was junger (haha get it? Junger? there was a psychiatrist name dJung but you pronounce it Young!) i forgot wat I was going to say. Oh well. I hate hippies! RRRRRRRRRGH! @#$@%!! There so smelly and stinky and they always ask me if i have any kind bud but even if i do I say know LOL! ;-P Well that's all for now so bye!