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The FBI Lied, Again

The FBI lied to you when they said protesters planning to attend the anti-DNC marches in Boston were plotting to attack the media. The DNC is now complete and not a single report of an attack against the media has surfaced. Had such an attack occurred, it is doubtless that the media would have hyped it. No such attack occurred. Here is an article instigated by the FBI concerning the alleged plot by protesters to terrorize the media: Nets warned of threat.

The FBI Lied, Again:
And I'm Not Surprised

Author: MCA
July 30, 2004

The FBI lied to you when they said protesters planning to attend the anti-DNC marches in Boston were plotting to attack the media. The DNC is now complete and not a single report of an attack against the media has surfaced. Had such an attack occurred, it is doubtless that the media would have hyped it. No such attack occurred. Here is an article instigated by the FBI concerning the alleged plot by protesters to terrorize the media: Nets warned of threat.

Simultaneous with this announced "threat," the FBI in the Midwest rounded up and harassed a large number of Americans critical of the Bush Regime. Innuendo followed that this harassment against Americans was part of the investigation into the "terrorist threat." These activists claim that they were not even planning to go to the anti-DNC demonstrations. The hoax-terror alert was then used to subpoena these activists to appear before a federal grand jury. The "investigation" has all of the signs of a witch hunt reminiscent of the red scares during the first part of the previous century. Americans are being repressed by an increasingly illegitimate government for no reason other than their political beliefs.

The FBI's intent, in perpetrating a hoax-terror alert (instigating a false terror scare is a violation of federal law), was obvious. The FBI sought to turn the media against protesters, create the perception of violence where no violence was to be found and to increase the public's support for additional security measures. Augmenting monies spent on security would benefit the FBI. In essence, the FBI terrorized the American people, using a psychological ploy, in order to increase their own influence and funding.

The FBI may attempt to make the claim that their warnings prevented an attack against the media, but this would be another lie. There are zero reports of anyone attempting to attack the media and there are zero reports of anyone arrested for conspiring to attack the media.

When the FBI initiated their psychological terror operation against the American people, the Boston Police Department went so far as to publicly state that they knew who the threat was coming from. If they knew, why did they not arrest the individual or the group allegedly conspiring to attack the media? No arrest was made because there was no such individual or group. Even Homeland Security joined in on the psychological terror operation. Thus, we have two federal agencies and one local police agency all conspiring to provoke a sense of fear and to manipulate the media. This conspiracy was joined by the media which uncritically repeated the threats, published the treats in news papers, heralded the threats on the Internet and broadcast the threats on the air. CNN and FOX placed the alleged threats on the front pages of their websites, cashing in on additional advertising fees no doubt generated by the increase in web browsing traffic. Together, federal law enforcement, local law enforcement and the media cashed on smashing the civil rights of Americans opposed to the Bush regime. And while these unethical pricks cashed in, real Americans had their lives disrupted. Americans concerned enough about their society to speak out will now be dragged before a grand jury. Media personnel were forced to report while in a state of unjustified paranoia. Activists on the streets were beat down by the police for nothing more than expressing their disagreement with government.

Ashcroft must be happy.


Paranoid Nutcase With Delusions of Grandeur

After all, Ashcroft is above the law, above the Constitution and above ethics. He has demonstrated his freedom to destroy the freedom of others. It is a freedom that no man should have.

Law enforcement has been lying to us, with impunity, for decades. Law enforcement continues to lie to us. Let's consider the recent arrests in Boston during a march to the DNC. Law enforcement claims to have responded violently to protesters due to the presence of a "Molotov" cocktail. What they "responded to" was not a Molotov cocktail. It wasn't even a fake "Molotov" cocktail. It was a street theatre prop used by one of the many marchers dressed as pirates. It was A HOOK. See the image below and tell me if you think the Boston Police really believed that they were confronted by a Molotov cocktail.


Photo of the pirate's hook that Boston Police, now confirmed to be pathological liars, claim to have mistaken for a Molotov cocktail. One does not hold a Molotov cocktail upside down for the gasoline would leak out. Molotov cocktails are not hollow and one does not place one's hand inside of a Molotov cocktail. Any police officer claiming that they mistook this hook as a Molotov cocktail is a fucking liar.

When the police responded to their own hoax, they brutally beat down Americans in the streets of Boston. One individual, whom I know, was brutally abused by the police and arrested. I have protested with this individual many times and he is not an instigator of violence. Any act against this individual was an act of aggression. In the photo below you see Boston Police officers committing an act of assault and battery on an American for no reason other than his peaceful expression of his beliefs.


American beaten by the police for peacefully demonstrating.

The DNC protests have passed. There were no terrorist attacks. No evidence of a single al-Qaeda agent attempting to attack Boston has surfaced. No evidence of a single attack against the media by protesters has surfaced. The only violence we have witnessed was perpetrated by the security forces allegedly sent to the City of Boston to "protect" the American people. The only victims of violence were Americans and ordinary citizens expressing their political beliefs. No member of al-Qaeda was harmed. Only ordinary Americans and individuals guilty of "looking Middle Eastern while walking" were harmed. Evidently, the police state was imposed upon Boston not to fight al-Qaeda but to fight Americans.

'Terror' Against the Press 30.Jul.2004 14:24

James Ridgeway

The curious saga of the Boston FBI's 'unconfirmed reports' of a right-wing threat to the media

July 29th, 2004 4:25 PM

BOSTON—It looks like the FBI's Boston field office faked a threat of domestic terrorism just before the start of the Democratic National Convention by leaking "unconfirmed" reports of white supremacist groups readying an attack against media vehicles in Boston. Fox News, for one, reportedly was wildly trying to disguise its trucks by covering up its logos.

The effect of this probably was to make the press even more suspicious of anti-war demonstrators than it already is—to even view them as possible terrorists, and if not actual terrorists, then a crowd within which terrorists could operate.

All of this is taking place in an atmosphere of fear and tension whipped up by the Bush administration, with its reports of Al Qaeda "sleeping cells" preparing to strike against America in the midst of the presidential campaign. (See my July 16 article on a chilling Election Day scenario.)

The white supremacists on the far right have never shown any great interest in the war on terror, and they usually try to use the press, not attack it. Mark Potok, editor of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report, which tracks the far right, told Glynn Wilson of the serious-minded Southerner Daily News blog, "We have had no indication whatsoever, not an inkling, that there is any kind of violent action planned by the radical right in Boston. We follow these groups quite closely."

ABC News said last week (basing its report on anonymous sources) that, just before the convention opened on July 23, statements by a domestic group of college-age people in the Midwest triggered the FBI warning, according to Wilson. The ABC report said the group's members had not gone to Boston, Wilson noted. Other warnings of "a very real concern" about impending "violent action by white supremacists" emanated from the Secret Service, the Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Boston police, Wilson said.

CNN reported July 23 that "authorities fear that some protesters are preparing to target the media" and that the "Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating." According to the CNN story, the FBI's Boston office issued a statement saying it had "unconfirmed information" that, as CNN put it, "a domestic group plans to attack media vehicles, possibly with 'explosives or incendiary devices.' "

Special Agent Gail A. Marcinkiewicz, the public affairs coordinator for the Boston FBI office, told the Southerner that the report of a "radical domestic terrorist group" planning an attack on media trucks in Boston was "unconfirmed."

Wilson noted that Boston authorities, according to ABC, were worried about two right-wing white supremacist groups in particular: Volksfront and White Revolution. Potok told Wilson that some members of Volksfront pleaded guilty last year in the beating death of a homeless black man, and the Volksfront online bulletin board recently carried a posting urging members to go to Boston and "rally."

"But there was no suggestion whatsoever of any violence," Potok told Wilson, "let alone violence against media trucks. . . . I find it extremely difficult to believe that White Revolution or Volksfront would be involved in an action like this."

Overall, the racist far-right would just love to get some publicity from the war on terror, but these people are stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to weaponry and ideas, and they are definitely not into suicide bombings. Such groups have always tried to manipulate the press, not attack it—except for such rare cases as the neo-Nazis' murder of Denver talk-radio host Alan Berg in 1984.

Bushit tantrums 02.Aug.2004 13:14


The fascists need another attack. People are beginning to see their colorful herring (although changeable with weekly sessions), and Americans are the only ones left on the planet who desperately want to believe little Georgie and Johnnie and the Halliburton bunch. This is an election year ya'll. Help these desperados out.