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Is Operation Iraqi Freedom the most botched American thing Ever?

get your war on
....says it all

homepage: homepage: http://www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war38.html

We're Americans 30.Jul.2004 09:38


... we fuck shit up!

yes it is 30.Jul.2004 22:53


I can tell you from personal experince that this is with out a question the most botched thing in the united states shaded history. I'm in Iraq right now and you would not believe some of the stuff that goes on over here that the press does not find out about marine humvees have been stolen while theye were out on patrol guys have been kidnapped from post and tons of other crazy shit done to a country that never as a country did anything to the u.s half the soldiers over here have no idea why they are here or what it is they are doing here and the other half thanks that we had to come here to over through the evil dictator so we can make everyone a happy democracy and god fearing cristans the iraqi peaple may have wanted to be saved by big brother but i am over here and most i have talked to did not.