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Photo Of A Line Of Boston Police At The DNC

I'm sure everybody felt very safe with the city of Boston turned into a mini-police state during the DNC. I'm sure New Yorkers will feel even safer with NYPD's security tactics when the Republicans come to town in September.

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I think you mean this... 30.Jul.2004 16:00

citizen caned

Did you mean this...
plus the 40 miles of roads closed, the 4 f-16s, the coast guard boats patrolling the harbor and all the office workers told to stay out of the city for the week?

Yes, thats police state practice.
police state practice1
police state practice1
police state practice2
police state practice2
police state practice3
police state practice3

See what 30.Jul.2004 18:37

just a few

people with the power to want to speak the truth does to them. Boston has to shutdown when truth comes to town. Time to William Tell the Big Apple. If the cops aren't afraid why are they armored.

thank you 01.Aug.2004 14:36

to citizen caned

Those are powerful images- gets the point across way better than the one at the top, for sure.
New York's going to be even worse, what with the proximity to the date of 9/11 and all.
They'll probably use that as an excuse to really bring in a lot of force. It wouldn't surprise me if protesters lives are lost during the Republican Convention (remember Kent State?).
Are we ready for this?