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AUDIO FILE: City Council Opposes Trucking Radioactive Waste Thorugh Portland

At the Press Conference, which followed the vote on the Resolution, Commissioner Eric Sten stated that "the Portland City Council unanimously passed a resolution in which we asked President Bush and the Administration to reconsider a plan which was recently announced."
"Under that plan, maybe as much a 1000 trucks of radioactive waste would go through the city of Portland, unmarked, on the way to Hanford." Nat Parker, Conservation Organizer for Oregon Sierra Club who provided testimony about the Administration proposal before City Council, also moderated the Press Conference. "We're gathered today at the step of City Hall to tell the Bush Administration that Portland opposes the Presidents plan to ship radioactive waste on our highways, through our communities to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington." After a few remarks he introdued Eric Sten, who had brought the Resolution before the Council.
After addressing the dangers of trucking radioactive waste, unmarked through cities and communities, Eric stated: "obviously, and I want to be clear about this, radioactive waste is something that needs a solution.....but this proposal is not a solution. The worst thing we can do is put our citizens at risk with something this dangerous and not even come close to solving the problems. Hanford, where this waste is scheduled to go at this point is currently leaking and polluted, and should be cleaned up first before anything else goes there."
After Eric a representatative from Heart of America Northwest
Rebecca Sayer spoke briefly, outlining, among other things, how such truckk loads could be an easy terrorist target. She concluded her remarks speaking about Initiative 297, which is being voted on in Washington State in November. This Initiative puts forth a common sense principle: " no new waste is to be permitted at Hanford until existing contamination is cleaned up."
The Press Conference concluded with Greg DeBruler, of Columbia Riverkeeper
Greg didn't mince words. "It's an ill fated plan by the Department of Energy and the Bush Administration to do one thing. They want to clean up 40% of the nations waste by 2006. 40% of the sites by 2006. Their answer is to do one thing: dump it at Hanford. And we're saying NO! Use your best science, create the technology to deal with the waste at the sites."
Following the Press Conference, a march accompanied by 15 members of the Toxic Waste Brigade, walked through downtown Portland to the Waterfront entrance to Interstate 5, along which much of the waste is scheduled to be transported.
Radioactive Waste Press Conference

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