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Over 100 small earthquakes hit Eastern Oregon

Interesting geological stuff happening in Eastern Oregon.
Earthquakes flurries and volcanos expanding. Here's the info about the earthquake swarms.
Since June 4 there have been over 100 earthquakes near Lakeview, Oregon. Lakeview is located about 100 east of Klamath Falls on the California border. The swarm of earthquakes have produced three quakes above 4.0, according to the USGS website. The largest was 4.4 on June 30.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location, Sherrod said, it appears the quakes are on a north/south alignment and appear to be about three miles deep on the Goose Lake Fault Line. Two groups are monitoring the data, the Pacific Northwest Seismology Network and he California Integrated Seismology Network.

The current series of earthquakes unsettling Lakeview is expected to continue, but it is not known for how long.

"It's a geologic phenomenon that we can't predict or forecast," said David Sherrod, of the US Geological Survey office in Vancouver, Wash., Friday, July 23. "It's a long-term earth process that has been going on for four million years."

Sherrod said there are three scenarios that could fit the current series or swarm that has been occurring since June 4.

1. The settling of the plates could be finished and completely die away for the time being.

2. They could continue for two to three months at the same intensity, similar to the swarm in 1968 in Adel and then die away.

3.They could be building toward a really large quake.

The most likely scenario, Sherrod said, is number two. Similar to the series in 1968, the most recent series has seen magnitudes in the 1.0 and 2.0 range, with an occasional 3.0. Most recently there has been a 3.1 on July 13 and 22 and also on July 22 a 4.3.

During the Adel sequence in 1968, there were 20 quakes 4.0 and above and two that were above 5.0.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ess.washington.edu/recenteqs/latest.htm

Check this out....South Sister activity...swarms of earthquakes 29.Jul.2004 22:46


March 30, 2004

The South Sister is part of the Central ORegon Cascade Mountains (Active volcanos) called the Three Sisters. These volcanos are about 150 miles North of Lakeview.

Uplifting is still ongoing at South Sister. On March 23 activity increased in the NE quadrant of the uplifting area: a 48-hour long period of seismic swarm, with more than 300 volcano-tectonic earthquakes (< M 1.9), was recorded.
This information was summarized from the GVP/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report


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But I am really shaken up after reading your article.

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Will the real Eastern Oregon, please stand up 24.Oct.2004 10:03


One minor correction is necessary here: Lakeview is NOT in Eastern Oregon. You see, I know that becauseI live in the real Eastern Oregon (Baker City) and I can tell you that it getting to Lakeview or anywhere near there is pretty much a full day's drive. Just because it is east of the California border does not make it Eastern Oregon. Now I know that many people in Oregon think of the real Eastern Oregon as Western Idaho, but I can also tell you that my zip code, area code, and state taxes, and drivers license are all based on my residence in Oregon.... Please people, use a map... It's bad enough that the mainstream media can't get it right. Oddly, and apparently erroneously, I expect more from everyone else...

Shake rattle and roll 24.May.2005 02:52


I hope Lakeview wakes up to a 7.0 someday. May godess wake up the fundementalist radicals there. Shake rattle and roll Lakeview! Your god is calling you.

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Mike O'Brien 20.Jul.2014 12:34

Lakeview swarm.

Having done research on the C.S.Z. These "swarms" aren't surprising. The quakes at the quad junction tied with GPS/tilt meters along Or/Wa coast leads me to believe the CSZ is under tremendous pressure. The occurance of "slow quakes" should be of heightened importance right now. Precursor event?