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In The Wake of Kerry's Speech, the Conservative Mainstream Press Hit Men Go To Work

It's interesting to watch the way that CNN, Fox, NBC, and the rest of the mainstream media these days...

"He gave a very impressive speech, but it's important to remember how carefully staged these speeches are..."

"He did a great job of trying to outplay the right to the right..."

"Kerry... A whole bunch of gibberish..."

"It sounded like a temp agency saying 'Help is on the way.'"

"This paranoid, Michael Mooer mentality..."

This is professional, objective journalism????
Even in the last election I have never seen such a biased coverage of a major political parties electoral convention during a Presidential election year. To watch it unfold before even high school journalism student is to observe an exercise of propaganda and disinformation. I had such an articulate essay to compose at this issue, but I am genuinely ready to puke watching the new American fascist state dig into its trenches. The extent of the bias of the DNC analysis itself is, to the critical thinking mind, is an absolute litmus test of just how far the conservative control of propaganda channeled through the mainstream media has become.

At least it was so riculous it made me laugh out loud so I didn't have to choke on my dinner.
Dead 30.Jul.2004 00:20

George Bender

Sounds like they started firing even before the corpse was dead.