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Nixon never sweated this bad!

Nixon never sweated this bad!
Was it my television or did John Kerry sweat worse that Nixon talking about Watergate?

The most distracting thing was his constant bouncing back and forth. Did he have to go #1 or something?

Thoughts please...
Charisma 29.Jul.2004 20:23


Kerry is nearly as charismatic as Nixon. Maybe there are other parallels.

It was 95 degrees in there 29.Jul.2004 21:42

Well DUH!

When it get's hot you sweat. They were all sweating. Have you got shit for brains?

well duh 29.Jul.2004 21:52

mr compasion

It started slow, but kerry improved to the ennd. Somehow he is a better sociopath. Less of a fear monger..and we will see...Unfortunate circumstance which we find ourselves either way